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Found 8 results

  1. Hi team, This probably has been told by someone else in the past, but it doesn't hurt bring it up again. Due to the pricing of VIP on this server being expensive (30 Euros), has the Bless team considered giving us more features? The biggest concern is, why is there a Bonus charge for stats reset, character hiding and things like this for VIP users? I feel these should be free for VIP players. I would be better to have features like this for free for VIP players, instead of having some power buff benefits for example... Another great idea is to have less cost per reset (credit: @mux1502), less level per reset, etc. You get the idea: more convenience, less power spikes. Let me know your thoughts (I left a public poll for players as well) -Urmicoll
  2. Hi, I pay the VIP and don't know where to find the VIP shop for Quest Items :c
  3. Hello, I would like to make an enquiry regarding Arena spots. VIP arena seem to be much busier every day. Over last few days I had an unpleasant experience of other players suddenly decide to KS on spots I have taken in the first place. Of course these players have been using their power advantage as they had many more resets comparing to my own character. I have also noticed couple of things as per below: - Alquarnos spots don't seem to be utilised at all, or very rarely used - many players ks to each other, which doesn't seem to be fair to all people donating to server (but this is clearly happening due to a lack of stronger spots in arena) - arena in general is getting smaller and less attractive Suggestions/ possible solutions: - Change spots to more attractive mobs like the one with Alquarnos (put stronger mobs there) - Do not allow KS on VIP arena, as this is clearly paid service - Add another server with vip arena or extend current one I understand that we all have different opinions on certain things, but I would kindly asked administration to consider some sort of solution to make arena experience even more attractive. Best Regards.
  4. Kniaz

    VIP accaunt

    zdravstvuite, server x100 king ne magu kupit vip, pishet "У вас недостаточно бонусов на сайте", a bonov v polne dostato4no. v 4em problema?
  5. Hi I just purchase Bons. Was Planing Buy VIP. Like regular, after purchase, transfer bons to Server. BUT... When go to buy Vip,Damnnn, its only for Web Bons ! Can I transfer bons for VIP back to WEB? Or Buy VIP for Server BONS ?
  6. gosu


    Подскажите где найти или киньте ссылку на топик полной инфы про вип акаунт , не могу найти , респ боссов количество ну и полное описание Випа.
  7. Доброго времени суток. Как я понял, у владельцев Vip аккаунтов есть возможность посетить Vip магазин, только где его найти без понятия. На форуме искал - ничего не нашел. Если подобная тема создовалась и я не нашел, прошу прощения. Инфо прочитал в этом топике, пункт номер 3.
  8. Предлагаю сделать что-бы вип снимался только когда ты онлайн.Тогда и не надо париться про "Возмещения утерянного время випа ". :misc-spiderpman:
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