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  1. 2~3 months and we can merge 😉
  2. If you use the option "O" -> Antilag it produces a similar effect
  3. @BeL4eNaK - Not sure if it was only me, but I can't seem to hit the enemy without having CTRL held down while on Devias Fortress. Maybe it was just a "me" bug? If you have a way of testing, I'd appreciate it that. Thanks
  4. These are all great ideas! It goes inline with the original intent of my post (less power spikes, more convenience 🙂)... and ROFL to the Kalima achievement
  5. ++ Same with Rabbits, Dragons, etc.
  6. Remarkable how you read only what you wanted. I'm literally saying remove the power gain buffs and add more convenience. Resets in a server like the one you play become irrelevant very quickly, adding less cost to resets for someone that is putting 30 euros a month in a game is not a wild idea 🙂
  7. 1. Urmicoll2. Jade x103. 4.24. Data5. He is seeking "revenge" because I killed him at Ice King a few days ago (it's ok he can do this), by killing me and a bunch of others in BA top spot while AFK. And yes, I'm not being nice either, but I'm not insulting him like he is.
  8. I agree that quest can be useful, but level and reset (especially level) always helpful, it doesn't hurt to have.
  9. This is good, you can also add the server like: MU.BLESS.GS - BeL4eNaK - SM Level 380 - Reset: 101 - Jade Main MU.BLESS.GS - Urmicoll - BK Level 400 - Reset: 101 - Vegas Sub1 Useful for players that play in multiple servers at a time, or, to simply identify if you are in main or a sub server without having to press the C and check.
  10. Urmicoll

    Chos drop

    +1 We have an ocean of Bless and Soul, and lacking Chaos, Creation, and Life.
  11. You might want to take a look at this post I created as well: VIP Benefits - Suggestions - Bless Gaming Forums
  12. Clearly, the SM stopped teleporting here to try and combo, that's why he died 🙂
  13. @Beasty good, that way you can feel the pain yourself 😛
  14. 1. Urmicoll 2. Jade x10 3. 4.2 (corrected) 4. BlesseD 5. Confirmed by guildmates that speak the language that this is reportable. This person got upset because I killed them at Ice King.
  15. @-Koostiso- you are missing the point and did not read the post fully. Not a single person that plays another class different than SM would defend their teleport ability and its current state in CC, only SM players (and if they do, they haven't played against a good SM). You are only thinking about yourself here, but changing this is a major improvement for everyone and for the game. It is truly obnoxious, the way it currently is. P.S.: I'm not complaining because I cannot win in CC... I can in fact win, I just still think this topic's discussion is unfair the way it is 🙂
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