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    Rudolf Dissapear

    Did you try leaving the game and then re-entering? it fixed it for me when this happened with another item.
  2. Ivan, does Wizardry DMG % affect the dmg of the combo: Spiral Slash + Twisting Slash + Power Slash? I was testing and saw no difference, just wanted to confirm. Thanks!
  3. Urmicoll

    +15 Glow

    Administration, Based on your current customization I'm pretty sure your team is capable. Enhancing options are existent, but only for +5, +7, +9, +11 and +13 glows. Can you consider looking into allowing us to turn 15+ off as well? It looks terrible unfortunately. I would say ideally to have the ability to turn off armor +15 effect (the white things that pull out of every part of the body). And, as another idea, to have the power to change the power of the glow of your +15 weapon (right now is red only). As an example, you already have this implementation done in Bless Arena! When you enter bless arena it automatically turns off your +15 glows. Please look into giving us the option to do it everywhere. Thanks.
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