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  1. With the 10 minutes awarded in chaos castle it is very unfair to go against a SM who teleports for 10 minutes straight, it seems to be happening more often with certain individuals and was wondering what administration thinks about this or if there is changes that can be made? Thanks!
  2. What pathetic loser reports this. Quit being soft, utter clown
  3. Is your inventory full or messy? sometimes it wants you to have a lot of room in your inventory before creating
  4. Bucknasty - Master - Rule 4.9 My account has been blocked, and while i understand that it may look like a clear rule violation of afk in TDM, I have a issue where my game lags and on my screen it looks like im moving but in the game I'm not. I supplied a video from an old post i made a couple months back in the general forum that shows my issue. I had no intentions of going afk in TDM, i only get to play it maybe once a week due to my time zone so no reason to ever do that. I explained all of this in the post -crazy- made to get me blocked, im just wondering with this info that i have a lag issue and me trying to explain that was what it was, is there any chance of an appeal?
  5. As ive posted before, i have a issue where i lag time to time especially in the bigger fights (siege, domination, tdm) ect..You could have atleast messaged me and asked if this was the potential issue before going down this route, but you seem like the type to report people on the occasion.
  6. Hopefully this works, am trying to send a few short videos but they keep saying they are too big.
  7. Hello, Ive been trying to figure out why i keep lagging/getting disconnected so often lately. Over the last 9 months on and off it occasionally happens but more and more recently i keep having situations where it shows me still playing but the time has frozen on the game and nothing around me is moving. It usually takes about 3 minutes before it reconnects me but more or less just does the same thing over again. I have had 3 Chaos castles in a row where its fine going in and then it lags out and i end up in devias. In the pic i have here i cant even knock down the gate in 15 minutes because this is my screen the entire time, even after closing the game and reopening. First i assume maybe its my internet, but the internet runs perfectly fine in the background if i have something open, or sometimes i have another MU window open and that one doesn't lag out/freeze like the other one. Just wondering if it is like this for other people at times and if there's a way to potentially help fix this? And i was going to make another topic as well but since i am here, I was wondering if there is any thoughts on making a white rabbits/KA more available for North American users? I do realize there was another KA added for example and it would be big to suggest even a 3rd, but being here 10-12 hours behind server time i find i only have 1 maybe 2 days a week to even do White rabbits/KA. The new morning KA time that was added is greatly appreciated to many users I'm sure, but for north American users it would be between 1:30-4:30 am depending on the day. I know people will say this server is more European based time zone and i understand that, but It is as great server to play on and I'm not sure what the userbase is for north American players but it would greatly help those players if so. This is merely just a suggestion and i understand if it is not possible but i figured i would ask anyways. Thank you
  8. This is a slap in the face to all x1 members of master. transferring to x1000 just like that.. all the hard work people putting in feels like a waste of time. guarantee lose lots of members. Why not transfer them to master?
  9. Hey guys/girls, I haven’t been able to figure out how to vote for the 3 bonus reward on the mmotop website. I click vote from the bless website and then it takes me to a website all in Russian (I believe) and I don’t understand it. I ended up finding the MU selection and the bless server and trying to vote for master and then it just takes me to the same original link. If anyone can help that will be greatly appreciated :)
  10. Yep, a ring I forgot about. Rookie me still trying to remember MU from way back. Thanks for the help :)
  11. What do you mean? the weapon is set for 279 agility and i have 280. Is it maybe to close for example?
  12. Yes it’s two handed. And no shield, nothings changed besides updating the weapon and now it won’t equip
  13. Im a blade knight and i had a excellent dragon Spear +4 with Luck /options. I finally decided to upgrade it to +9. When i tried to equip it, it just wont. It dosn't equip at all. The Requirements on the spear now need 279 Agility and 763 strength. I have over 900 strength and 280 Agility so im within the standards. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Thanks :)
  14. Hey guys, I just started up again recently and have not played in well over 10-12 years. Ive picked up some excellent items for example or anything +7 and higher and i tried going to the chaos goblin to potentially increase the level on my item and it dosn't let me bring my weapon or armor into the slot with the jewels. Is there a different way to do it or am i just doing it wrong? And does the whole screen while playing open fully or is it just a half screen? Appreciate the help, like i said its been so long. Thanks!
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