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  1. I was talking to my wife.
  2. Royals don't understand sarcasm. YEET was clearly mocking the post made previously against Chemp.
  3. nay vse zhivut igroi, kak yi vy
  4. There is no context here. Who is the victim? These baseless topics should result in bans for the accuser. The attention of the admins needs to focus on the cheating that goes on in this game, not going to name names but as per 4.2 ( More then 3 messages in a short period ) the photo above gives off a big hint of a player that is abusing macros. Let's start banning cheaters and stop making pointless threads that show light banter on both sides.
  5. Maybe fill out a hurt feelings form also?
  6. Looks good. Any possible grade changes/other changes to violet sword? I don't believe there are many out there. Would be nice to throw pvp option on it on x1
  7. pozvolte mne proyasnit eto.. posle togo, kak vy zaspamili igrovoy chat, vy obizhaetes, chto kto-to nazval vas musorom? yavlyaetsya lee eto soobscheniem ob oscorblennich chuvstvakh? ochen menth s vashey storony bezhat na forum.
  8. Nothing will happen. There are dozens of issues brought up and they're never given a single thought at all. Best advice I can give is to stop donating, it's not worth it.
  9. I see that nothing has changed, and the abuse continues to happen. Can the devs really be okay with a single class that can kill 70% of the mobs in one second and then teleport without being touched for 10 minutes straight? There is something fundamentally wrong, and these forums become more and more useless when no one gives a damn for most the issues brought up.
  10. Hello there, I would just like some clarification on the timing of King of the ring event. I remember when it first came out it was always every few hours, now I believe it is just during the day/afternoon server time? for non-European players it's hard to make these times as it may be daytime in other time zones and people are at work, and or you try and go on your weekend if you have the time and depending on the server there is multiple players from the top guilds hoarding the event and ganging up 3/4 v 1 making it impossible to even play and try and win some weekly bonus ourselves. Is there any chance of throwing a few events between 1-5 server time? I'm not quite sure the stats on non-European players but I know several who never have a chance to play. Thank you.
  11. I tested and have similar numbers as well. Posted about it 6 months ago.
  12. Yes you're right. You can't even catch them 99% of the time!
  13. oni takze obeyedinyayutsya vmeste inogda tree protive odnogo vie CC tolko dla togo, chtoby poluchit pobedo.
  14. Hello, There has been some great improvements recently to making CC more fair and balanced and that cant go without notice. I suggest a cool down on casting teleport. Its no secret that SM dominate chaos castle. You get the jump with your big range cast with evil spirit and can teleport for 10 minutes straight without being touched. If you're a BK you have to hope you're lucky enough to catch one, but its practically impossible if that SM is dedicated to casting teleport because he knows he has more mobs killed. Just like how potion speed decreases as the match continues, maybe some sort of delay to stop the teleport abuse. Just a thought.
  15. robbybucks


    I'm currently stuck on 805 Rquest points, and currently I've done about 20 quests in a row without receiving any stat points, where as before it was every other quest I would receive some. I've done several hard ones which usually always gave stat points as well. Is this normal?
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