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  1. =DD He is not having this problem dude. :DDDD His problem is while he afks on a spot with rudolf, someone is bringing him the bosses of arena10 into his spot so he is dieing.
  2. why dont you open Launcher settings to change the resolution?
  3. sad the other character was not banned as you gladly wrote =D
  4. sup with the background music? I had a suspicious about this "prozet" now i am sure =D
  5. Endless Tower Event - conquer the endless tower! - Features of our servers - Bless Gaming Forums
  6. no, there wont be any store/shop with f.o items. each Bless Universe is a different project. x30 was made without donate shop and it will stay like that.
  7. /lottery is available only at main server and not sub1/2
  8. so actually dark lord damage is way way nerfed with this. "Damage is now how it should be" . We do play with new wands for so long but now you decided that the damage is too big? DarkLord was a great ET character also, NOT ANYMORE
  9. Administrators? Will someone provide more information about this failure ?
  10. /mix bless 10 /mix bless 20 /mix bless 30 etc
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