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  1. Rule 8 both, enough of children shit 😂
  2. So you suggest times only for CCCP players, VN guys can enjoy their BC/DS during their peek time. Interesting, that you suggest things like that playing on server vs 4-5 people.. must be very hard
  3. Good luck with report, logs doesn't show - impossible, that people cheat.. 🙂 especially if he is on Liveguard already.. nothing left to do, 100% protection 😂
  4. All done, no problems 🙂 thanks!
  5. 1) Server: x777 2) Your nickname: Scatter3) What exactly are you buying: MG 100 reset 267quest naked KAZINO4) What exactly are you getting from the other party (if you're the second party, then what you get from the first party): 100reset MG naked, 267QUEST5) Nick of the second party (if you're the second party - your nick): KAZINO 6) How the deal will be done (the second party should agree to this point and just write - agree): I will transfer 1818 web bon clean (TOTAL WITH TAX 2000 web bon) and KAZINO will put his MG in market for 10bon+tax under password. He will receive web bonuses and will give me password to take MG from market.7) Confirmation, that you fully read the rules of contractual deals and are aware of the risks. The second person might not fulfill his part of a deal and you will lose everything. : Agree.
  6. Should get ban only for having 20 windows opened for farm 😂
  7. I always collected paewang for crafts and now... I can craft paewang from it... nice
  8. Pust zdelajut osadu odnovremeno na vse servera i uvidete realnij online 🙂 a na Mega kak bilo Buzz 4 aktivnie, tak i est, xz gde tam aktivnost
  9. Dude, in here any question about cheats will be answered - 'bad sync' or 'everything looks fine'. Just relax, cheats were here and will be here. For example - they will never catch EE on speedhack.
  10. What drugs people use in this game... so toxic for no reason 😂 pipi measuring contest
  11. Plak plak. Also this one put for same 💩 P.S. I heard, that it's true, not one person wrote in game... and why it's called bullying? Now world tolerates it.
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