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  1. This is screenshot for set as a reference.
  2. Agree 🙂deal is done. 🙂 PP sent, SM with me. Can close topic. Thanks !
  3. lol, ne eto posmotrel. No evo otkinuli kak reconnect 😄 vse propali ot ekrana. Buggi buggi chyti xuiti
  4. Ti ne pervui 😄 welcome to the club


    On castle siege videos he has no flinch as well. His character was flinching, but on his screen he was still damaging. So what we see is flinching and character is stopping, but on his screen it just attacks further. However, admins have their own reasons probably not to invest lots of time to check timings and logs for speed hacks blablabla. What to talk about hacks supporting anti-flinch/freeze/stomps and etc - these are even harder to catch. Even if person kills top boss in 45 seconds without any buffs solo - admins are asking for videos as proof, even when logs can be checked. Let's just invest more money and enjoy the gameplay as it is 😄 Most interesting... it's their project, but WE need to prove someone is cheating.. how does that make sense 😄


    na etom DLe SD Decrement i est na puwke 😄


    Kogda MG bez buffov v mayheme bjow po miss - 97 😄
  8. Hi, could you consider improving guest mode? Give access only to play, nothing to put in chaos machine, because it's not fun to find burnt items or jewels used. As well as maybe availability to pick up Coins from shop for zen? For the start, others can add more suggestions to it, because I haven't tested Guest mode to see what else you can burn/steal or just make some bad stuff 😄
  9. This server is going down with all that shit... 😄
  10. Kak vsegda, bless mu 😄 sama igra sebia lomaet
  11. How the hell you press 1-2-3-4-5-4-5-4-1-2-3-4-5-4 in 1 second? 😄 I could hit all keyboard with my head and would click so many buttons in that second 😄
  12. Vi realno raznicu nevidete kogda zaspinajutsa BK i kogda teleportom letiat po pol kilometra? 😄 i kogda 3 raza bistrei begaet? 😄 i ewe na osadax. No togda vopros, zachem prowloi osade on na odnom pixel stojal i nedvigalsia kaniom, lightingom, sword skilom, a tak po pol karte letaet? 😄 eto rabotaet po zhelanie?
  13. KEPLAR

    Mega mass 3.1

    Ban all 🙂 everyone who does that on buzz and all on ggwp 🙂 rule 8. And make videos as per rules report plz.
  14. Banite vsex 🙂 ja niche negovoriu alio 😄 bibi ti tozhe bk, odin katorij 3 raza bistrei letaet chei vse 😄 i na osade na odnom pixel stojat, a na BA/eventax prosto cherez steni 😄
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