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  1. SM without teleport ? Then what is the point to play sm ? It doesn’t make any sense!
  2. Hello, I would like know why high grade SM staffs and Shields have such big STR requirements? (Example patrician staff has 1100+ str and patrician shield has 1300+ str. SM is maybe the player who lacks at stats the most and needs some kind of revaluation, especially in low exp rate servers, it could be great, if in the future upgrades staffs and shields, do not have the same stats so they don’t lose for instance, significant vitality stats because of that! Just an idea ! Thank you !
  3. Hello can you announce the winners please!
  4. To have a better point of view, instead of Merging the servers first, it could be better, if new server took place sooner, so we can all have more clean look to what happens as far as concern the "ACTIVITY" of the remain servers!
  5. Pros : 1.Active Market again 2.Active Server 24/7 again Cons : 1.Avalon players will be much weaker 2.No room for no hardcore players to farm anymore
  6. Either we gonna merge with Mega x100 or we will stay as is, it’s rly tragic to go on x30 with such high equipments, LOL!
  7. He betrayed us and started to trash talk so I continued, even professional athletes trash talk, if you can’t handle it don’t speak, I apologise for my behaviour!
  8. There are 2 owners to this SM, I play Sleazy most of the times and Mirotic as well, you’ve played ET with both of us and you know it ? What are you trying to accomplish exactly?
  9. Trash talk is part of the game sometimes, it happens from time to time but don’t say don’t cry on forums, meanwhile you’re the one who’s crying!
  10. This is a threat indeed in game you will die everytime i see you! if admins want i can send them personal photos-chats as well about your toxic behaviour and shity trash talk, you said, go and cry on forum meanwhile you are on forum crying !
  11. Yeah that’s why I wrote this post, spending so much time trying to find team to play with, solo et sounds cool idea but even if you have pretty high grade, still you can easily die from Phoenix boss with a single hit
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