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  1. I am playing solo most of the times and still manage to make medium grade sets with 3-4 opt so it’s possible you just have to be patient, and believe me medium grade sets with 3-4 opt are much better most of the times than 1-2 opt top grades, also cheaper to upgrade, there are also so many crafted items to choose from, that’s why patience is the key you just need to stay a lot in 1 server and you’ll be able to find top guild to fit in because top guilds usually care more about medium build and active instead of good build and inactive and when the time will come and the server is dead, don’t worry about it, eventually merge will take place just be patient:) as I told you this is the key word my friend
  2. First things first, extreme players are still active and some of them are like 10 years active from time to time so yeah there is that, I guess your first point goes away, also this project is reliable and active from admins and players, constant improvements are happening from the owners to improve gameplay every now and then, not to get stuck to the same routine every day, if you don’t like the game then you’re free to go just play whatever game fits you better, now as far as concerns low grade sets I am the one to tell you that I used to play with divinity crossbow not FO and divine set while the others had a lot higher grade sets but still i manage to beat many of them in 1v1 duel with my Elf Mirotic on Empire, you see i am talking with evidence that’s why I mentioned my name, server owners made this project and so many people never played another server since, summarising it is what it is either you like it or hate it, it’s your call if you don’t like it just quit it, no point to be ungry and frustrating, have fun and good luck whatever you do
  3. Guys, let’s breathe for a moment, how are they going to offer you the luxury of a lifetime warranty gameplay if they won’t get paid a significant amount of money from donations? Personally I play new servers I farm and when I am bored I just sell everything to recreate my equipment on my old character from the previous server, you don’t have to donate if you don’t feel like to, for sure pay2win it’s a bad idea but it’s the only way to keep such server active, but it’s not the only way because I already made my equipment without donate this time and I am not the only one, you just have to be clever buyer and seller that’s it. If you don’t want to be farmer or donator then just enjoy the rest of the game however you feel.
  4. My suggestion is simple, find a guild to help you, after all this game is all about team play, also requires a lot of smart and strategic gameplay, if you also want to make quests easier then play the older servers
  5. No it’s not, you have no monthly subscription, you don’t have to pay if you don’t want to, now days games are like more expensive than real life sometimes, this is nothing if you keep in mind that this game offers you lifetime warranty, also this is what makes the game more serious, if everything was cheap everyone could be able to have top items, so either you gonna pay or you just can play an old server so you can buy cheap, but if you don’t want to put your hands deep in to your pocket that’s ok, if some people do, that’s non of your business, if you don’t like it you can always skip it, I am not trying to be offensive just saying the cruel truth mate 😉
  6. No any announcement !?
  7. BackInBlack


    This is part of the game, it is what is it, MU is also afk game after all why you worry about afk players in Arkania anyway? nothing valueable there, it is strange if you ask me to be a farmer in Arkania and also even in Dungeon but this is part of the game you dont have to worry about those bots this game has to many things to do without worrying about <<small useless things>> I dont undesrtand the logic of quitting the game because of this but its your call anyway
  8. You are talking without evidence my friend, check stats on mega you’ll see that more than 6 months has already passed, admins clearly said every year 2 new servers will take place so it’s already the right time, nothing wrong with staying in the same server for years, I am fine with that but for some people new server is fresh start, new beginning, for me personally I was 2 months out because of work so now that I am having more time to play I would love to start again from scratch the sooner the better
  9. Thnx for the fast response
  10. Hello, some people say the new server will take place on March, is it possible to give us some dates approximately so we can have an idea to organise better our schedule? More than 6 months has already passed since the last opening so this time it’ll be nice if you just give us some information before the announcement please, Thank you in advance !
  11. Well, SM with the right equipment can actually make huge dmg as well, also not all characters are meant to be equal at every aspect of game, summarising: BC gates must stay like this for a little bit more so they can help some non hardcore players to handle!
  12. Bots doesn’t exist, They are just regular people and there is nothing wrong with afk, it is just part of the game. Have fun!
  13. It does not make any sense, if they do that, automatically lottery tickets loose their value!
  14. Do not worry about that, you wont loose anything. This is just a small help for the beginning!
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