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  1. whats here happening ? i don't understand
  2. WeeDoX

    Master X1 CC

    5res sm arī teleportēsies un neviens nenositīs
  3. WeeDoX

    Master X1 CC

    And he witing 5 min when hp potion very slow and just kill... no chance to kill.. IMG_1747.MOV
  4. if you don't like how bk work just play others class.... bk is hardcore 😄
  5. WeeDoX

    Master X1 CC

    Admin why you dont fix this ???
  6. WeeDoX

    Master X1 CC

    Admins you dont fix this ?? SM only 10 min afk and teleporting cant kill
  7. WeeDoX

    Master X1 CC

    Hello, ADMIN please disable CC sm teleport sm just afk and teleporting all 10 min and you can''t kill him.. this is not good and so much player dont go cc for this just disable teleport CC tnx
  8. Ja igraju x1 master.. ja zgez nu pari let igraju kak nety takoj acc
  9. only CS owner can get A,B,C Grade need somthing change i think everyone need to get better anc not only CS owners.. Here is hard to get feather condor....
  10. WeeDoX


    Trade Char master x1 WeeDoX to server Avalon BK with all items
  11. Server x 1 Trade BK WeeDoX + good items = DL + good items
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