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  1. WeeDoX


    ok tnx now working need now change all settings tnx mate
  2. WeeDoX


    not worning your topic Ivan Nebraska
  3. WeeDoX


    3 time deleted nothing hapened, do any steps... not working
  4. WeeDoX


    Can’t run game error. Data\world74\EncTerrain74.obj.file corrupted
  5. WeeDoX

    real player online

    Take Real player online how much not take just for raiting, this is so fake...
  6. BK is hard to play cant stay afk and spots have just Bless Arena Better play ELF MG DL SM easy to go quest and DS BC everythink
  7. WeeDoX

    Loging in

    pārinstelē client, vai restarte PC man palidzēja..
  8. No Marlon's never save after reset
  9. WeeDoX-Destiny A1 - B3 B2 - C3
  10. huina bk sgez pridurak psc 2 mesica kak loh igraju
  11. sgelajet BK spots destyni x1000 zb vsje lvl up kak zabisi bk kak pridurak
  12. Trade 18 res BK = DL MG ELF SM (WeeDoX) Server Titan
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