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  1. But i am whale too and i need a toy to play with camon i cant play with my self
  2. if you play on 1 char its no difference once you have 20--40 its massive difference in ram usage
  3. There are many useless items in the game, but why are the two-handed weapons for Magic Gladiator (MG) and Blade Knight (BK) so bad that they are practically unusable? Furthermore, many low-tier one-handed swords for MG and BK are better and more expensive than their two-handed counterparts. Can you explain this? At the very least, there should be no-brainer choices for top-tier two-handers, like Knight’s Blade or low-tier MG swords. Currently, it’s more profitable to use a low-tier one-hander over a high-tier two-hander. Now, consider Soul Master (SM) and MG low-tier staffs. Although they aren't as good as high-tier two-handers, there is more balance because you want a one-hander in PvP. The Patrician Staff is significantly better than the rest. However, with two-handed swords, it’s clear that two-handers are trash unless it’s an upgraded Chaos Dragon Axe, which is useful in the early game.
  4. kulx


    I suggest that dinorant wont loose HP during pvp. People who crafted demons , seraphs or fenrirs has too much of difference in damage to balance that i think dinoorant stats 20 damage 15 absorb would be good for newbies like me who after 5000 hours still in 2nd wings and have no pet. And pets like demons already give more than twice of those stats - problem is that dinorant dies to fast in pvp.
  5. i assume in ideal world we could pick what we want to see from given options XD
  6. Display of level i am not sure not rily vital infi. Resets also not vital info i find that Name and Quest or Request progress is most annoying to track also if char is dead than you have 5+ accounts
  7. This is no secret that people stop buying VIP in old servers because it is worth to have only on main character which you use for CS. I suggest to reduce price of VIP in old servers. It would initivaise people to buy more VIP and probably would invite few more people to play in older servers.
  8. My account is blocked by server staff Can I tell me what the reason is? My character : Beelzebub
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