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  1. CharName - Level 380 - 50/2500 (50/2500 quest ir rquest progress)if there is function for live update with time intervals like 5 minutes
  2. In general, you would benefit more financially, and people would be more confident in buying VIP. In my opinion, VIP shouldn't cost more than 10 EUR. If you make it merely mandatory to play on the server, it should be accessible to everyone, and rich guys like me will find ways to spend 10k EUR on items. Currently, on Jade, I have one VIP account, and I switch characters to that account if I need to do quests in the Arena. There's no way 500 bons are worth a VIP on a farming character. But I would like to have one for a price of 10 EUR, not 30 EUR; it's too much on an old server. And if you go to VIP-only, VIP 9 has afk zen farmers, the rest is dead space. In generally you should consider a-droping vip price to 10 EU which is totally logic or b-removing pay2win 10% stats from it. I get it it wont make any change in case where someone has +15 set and someone running in second wings but it would be more appealing for those who consider buying it but they see that they cant compete with someone who is owe geared and vip would not have any impact. Besides flat stats 10% increase strong makes stronger since they benefit much more 🙂
  3. blessvnpt

    Chos drop

    i don't get why we cant get chaos in kanturu, swamp, valey of silence etc it just forces people to keep chars afk in Arkania and Tarkan. Chaos is fundamental for crafting either is low wings, chaos weapons etc. Now we can look at fruit crafting case: in k3 i get ton of creations and i get none chaos , currently overall i have like 100:1 creation - chaos ratio and i cant change it unless i farm with 31 rr 300 lvl char at Arkania 24/7 and sorry but it makes no sense.
  4. blessvnpt

    Chos drop

    Hi, We need chaos drop in high level content. There is no chaos drops in end game maps and it restricts ability to craft items, fruits do quests, participate in DS or BC. I play for long time here and i see it as clear problem which needs to be addressed.
  5. id: blessvnpt zLAWz sv: Jade x10 I can't connect need help https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RA4WBsUVWrCeZDY3FKD8f4XFXbPo7Spg @Ivan Nebraska
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