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  1. Okay... I have an acc set that increases my agility and my attack is bugged. So if I use the acc set I can't get full agi?
  2. Triple Shot - Ice Arrow - Starfall Before I did it with those skills and it worked for me. not now. Edit: I just realized that I have the Ice Arrow bug....
  3. A week ago I did a tribute with my elf. I had the combo activated in my pj but when I did the tribute it disappeared. I did Marlon's quest and I still don't have the combo. Would I need something else, to have more increased stats or would it be a bug? My account is: kekudo (Avalon x50) My character: Nestle
  4. omg help please!
  5. In the real world, the rich are always going to be saved from the harshest penalties and here it is the same, Mood0 is a person who will have spent his parents' salary in this game and it is not worth it to the administrators to permanently ban a person who is entering money every month.
  6. How many reports does this character have? There is no recidivism here? He has so many reports because he knows that he can be insulting and being toxic all the time that they only put 3 days of Ban in the chat. This recurrence in any other game would be a permanent Ban.
  7. 1. Pj Name: Nestle - Account: kekudo - Server: Avalon 2. Dropped in box of kundum +5 3. I dont know exactly. I saved it a few days ago on page 3 of my vault and today it wasn't there. 4. The pendant is simply gone from my vault. 5. Pendant with "Increase Zen from monsters". I saved it on page 3 of my vault next to a Silk +0 set with Zen 6-7. I dont have safe mode but no one has access to my account.
  8. You are the server's repellent child who everyone laughs at for being too annoying. "It's just a game," and you're the first to come crying like a child at the slightest insult hahahahaha when you get to school you'll understand
  9. Mood0 is the prototypical crybaby that every game needs. First he provokes and insults, and when they respond or kill him, he himself goes to the forum to report like a 10-year-old child. This man needs urgent help.
  10. Buy Guardian Pants (Server Avalon x50) Luck DD Maná
  11. Perfecto, muchísimas gracias!
  12. Se me ha cambiado la opción de mis alas. Tenía luck + ignore y el ignore se me ha cambiado por +210 de defensa. Esta semana hubo un día que se me arregló pero al siguiente el ignore ya no lo tenía otra vez, me gustaría tener otra vez esa opción. El otro error es que la habilidad de mi elfa "triple shot" se bugea al tener 23000 de agilidad y no funciona. Me he dado cuenta de que el problema viene del tipo de flechas que tira el arco ya que todos los arcos que tiran esas flechas no funcionan.
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