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  1. Вещи восстановлены в виртуальный банк
  2. Добрый вечер, пишет Вам хозян SMa -DesiGn- . Не много устал от игры - психанул с данными высказываниями. Продавать ничего не соберался, вообщем глупо поступил...Хотел у Вас узнать какие последствия мои высказывания в пост повлекут за собой?

  3. Сработал автобан. Просим прощения за доставленные неудобства. Бан снят
  4. Какой логин у вашего аккаунта? И на каком сервере?
  5. King of the Ring Event A regular PvP event, in which in order to win, you need to be the only survivor inside the free-PVP ring or be the closest player to the ring center, if the other players are still alive. The event is hosted in one of the predefined locations, where free-PVP rings are located: Arkania - 224 75 | Devias - 160 26 | Noria - 132 127 | Atlans - 58 34 | Tarkan - 107 195 If you are the only player in the ring, you get 10 points every second. If the ring has several players, the one closer to the center gets 4 points every second. For each kill in the PvP radius, you get 2 points. PvP radius - a zone with 14 coordinates width from the ring center, where every player has an automatic combat cursor. If your cursor is automatically in combat mode, you get points for this kill. The event duration is 7 minutes and it starts every 2 hours right after the Chaos Castle: 1:10 | 03:10 | 05:10 | 07:10 | 09:10 | 11:10 | 13:10 | 15:10 | 17:10 | 19:10 | 21:10 | 23:10 Every time, before the event start, the random prize for the winner is announced: Violet Mistery Box | BOK+5 | Pink Mistery Box | Green Ribbon Box | Blue Ribbon Box | Green Mistery Box | Pink Chocolate Box | Shard of Condor --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The event is launched in test mode on the Extreme server! If you don't see the rings - update the client! Current notes: Bugs: kills and deaths are not counted in the ring in Arkania. Notification about the event start is lacking. Disable Shield Skill at the time of the event. Disable Guild Buff at the time of the event.
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