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  1. pagedown2

    x50 Avalon 4.9

    1 18A-HQV2. server: AVALON X503. rule: 4.94. Nickname: many players AFK in TDM today. you can see in video5. Proof: (screenshot or video) : https://youtu.be/vQZ8rmt48s0
  2. please check ! @Ivan Nebraska
  3. @Ivan Nebraska please check for him
  4. Любой игрок, который мошенничает, должен быть дисквалифицирован из игры. Я абсолютно согласен.
  5. Guys, You can watch from his screen. if you can't do that, please dont report him. Noobs
  6. Кроме вас, кто сообщил??
  7. baned only char without items ?
  8. i dont see anything wrong in here ???? crazy video.
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