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  1. Discord BOT that controls every boss in-game. Simply let the bot know when you killed the boss and it will tell you and your fellow guild mates when it is going to respawn again. No more forgetting bosses. There are 3 arguments you have to pass to bot - name of the boss, time of the kill and drop (drop is optional, you can leave it blank). There are currently more than 35 bosses available but more can be added in the future. You will also be able to request for specific bosses to be added, boss list is now unique for every discord, so there won't be any problems adding something special for your discord server. There is a specific channel where all the timings are listed, the list goes in an ascending order so it's easier for you to see when next bosses are going to respawn. Announcement is given every time when boss is about to spawn, 5 minutes before respawning to be exact. It will tag the boss role (makes it easier for you to manage people who have access to the boss system). BOT is currently available in English, Russian and Latvian languages. Currently there is a possibility to add a specific role for new members, for example Guest. You can specify the role you want to be given to new members. Also there will be an optional features added in the future, such as radio, some moderation stuff, quest list, welcome messages, statistics of discord members and so much more, also it might depend on your needs. If you're interested or have something to ask/suggest, feel free to message me on discord - Beasty#5555 You can join the test server and see how it works: https://discord.gg/vwQc8Ar P.S. BOT is still under maintenance and will be ready in few days.
  2. Nepaveicās, ej ar elfu uzkapā!
  3. v Rust pofiksili makrosnikov? Uveren? :D
  4. Prodam makrosi - pisat' v diskorde Beasty#5555 (varka potionov, kombo, ljuboi makros)
  5. Beasty


    Ti mozet F12 nazimaew'.
  6. Da u menja internet lagaet i vizualnie bagi vsegda
  7. Eto vse xorowo no znaja kakoi ti programmist budet 100 novix bagov i 4to to opjat' ne budet rabotat' kak nado, srazu ze vopros, nado li eto vam?
  8. 1. Мой ник: Kahex 2. Игровой сервер: Destiny x1000 3. Какой пункт правил нарушен: 4.1 4. Ник нарушителя: K-Rampage- 5. Доказательство: https://a.radikal.ru/a36/1912/60/74d0f3dd302c.jpg
  9. Igroki prixodjat na bless 4tobi slivat', 4tobi bilo pvp a ne afk stojat', dlja afk idite na egames ili global, realno uze nadoeli...
  10. U menja toze samoe bilo, ja pomenjal eto http://prntscr.com/q3gx0v i teper' vizu.
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