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  1. up @Ivan Nebraska @BeL4eNaK
  2. So in other words only: 21 imperial items versus 36 ichor / 42 red spirit / 32 mayhem / tons of BK items Pretty much double for every other class. This is the trend we see on the server. Empire set is an PvE set. ichor / red spirit / mayhem are PvP. to compete DL will need imperial. If you cant change drop rate, then maybe downgrade the empire and some bk items and move the drop to other bosses or adjust the empire so that dmg can match other PvP sets. In the current state Empire set has too low def because no exc items can be used and not enough dmg to match other PvP sets... and only takes up the chances for people to find imperial parts. I hope you can clearly see its unbalanced as is now. Thank you
  3. I can only agree to the last part, empire dmg should be better considering it's a full set meaning much much lower def. DL in empire is super squishy.
  4. UP, @Ivan Nebraska can you comment on this please. Thank you
  5. So you just admitted you abuse game bug and on top of that you did use macro to do it. This is just sad to see mayhem can't win in a fair fight and turn to cheating. And no, not "every" player abuse spamming. I don't, I play fair and still beat you guys. I hope Admins take care of you.
  6. Nice macro lol no wonder he can heal so quickly.
  7. I'll correct you because yes you are wrong. No one is against it but not now, give jade more time to catch up. Btw you sounds like you are the one of the Avalon merge lover who couldn't wait to dominate jade and have a monopoly on items and CS huh? 😄
  8. give it another few month and sure.
  9. Sounds like you are the selfish one trying to destroy jade because your server is dead.
  10. Just look up prices for items too, jawel of ancient harmony for example... They sell 10 for 18bons... That's the price for one on jade. People were working hard to collect things and now it will be worth nothing. It's too early for jade.
  11. I guess you are from Avalon.
  12. How is that fair I have no idea. The longer existing server have better items, more achivements and prices they had on their server for items been lower cause there were more time to gather parts. So basically they will join and dominate the existing server just like that. No thanks.
  13. I think you confuse me with someone. I play on Jade and I'm not guild master. Please don't go off topic with your hurt feelings. I wish you the best
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