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  1. -Leader-

    Live guard

    I have the same problem !!!
  2. -Leader-

    Live guard

    Hello! Its a bit annoying to play with live guard its closing mu windows randomly and most of the time's i need to open mu 3 times becouse i have disconnect's ! Its not working properly...
  3. Есть васможнаст убрать ету систему на extreme сервер? Думаю многие согласны будет!!!
  4. Admins it is allowed to use other forum members nicknames on posts like here ?
  5. Hello! Everyone i have no comments on this ??? We are playing for fun for good time together in good old game!!! I see he use and cut out some text!! I will just totally Ignore this person! I dont know why he is doing this all thing but its more then a visible that this game is hes life!!! Just Ignore!!!! Have a nice day to all!!!
  6. Hello All Here !!! Omg -Relaod- really you have nothing to do in your life so you do all this things on Forum Here !!! ? ? Calm Down and Enjoy Life best wishes for you !!!
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