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  1. funny thing! Logged out to take creations from bank! Read this post and exact same problem started !? what are the odds? x50 Avalon / gohann
  2. Server Avalon ! It has been a week and no decent response only that topic was not correct it is a little bit funny since it is a way bigger deal than comment "REC" in 4.2. topic and those kind of topics dont come so often! Yall were aware the account was accessed from a different IP address, from all the other login sessions + even now you know there was crucial exploit ! Also you wait week and no conclusion All the items are already sold , we tried to buy them out , but other guys outbid us...
  3. Will that new boss drop exc. Items or just non exc ?
  4. Please ! it has been already few days !!! help a guy out! CRUCIAL
  5. Up , Up! Help a guy out !! @Ivan Nebraska @BeL4eNaK
  6. I don't play anymore, but I remain active in our Discord and keep track of everything that's happening. I must say, I feel really sorry for our new players who are just starting to play bless project by choosing server on the in-game community they wish to join, only to be immediately confronted by such behavior—constantly being killed and then provoked. Moreover, the fact that some then go to the forums to report these incidents is appalling; it seems like a seeking attention, i bet mood0 just choked his meat on valentines day solo and today needed to feel good about himself. In the long term, everyone wonders why there are no new players and why servers are constantly dying. Yet, despite this, many people continue to play in the Bless project because of the community in server there. And the funniest part is that as you can see he has chatted just to hide the triggering part, but in logs that can be seen! Thats just insane! Cheers
  7. gohann


    1. RAIZ 2. Avalon 3. 4.2 4. RAIZ 5. https://prnt.sc/zwWFJNSyEPne https://prnt.sc/UWzmsW42r6mw posted before pallach and mood0
  8. not needed - all is good because that maintains marketplace that simple.
  9. Well wow ! this is what Mu4Life needs ! sadly i didnt know sooner that there is this option because i simply dont understand russian that good! we will gather all our bois ! How can we get access ?
  10. finally a quest / giveaway i can take part in ! 😄
  11. The Great Merge Debate of the year and still no updates what so ever in different language so actually Avalon have saying in this too!? Well, it appears that the influential forces behind this impending merge are the heavyweight players from the Mega (Wilder) and Origin (Fury). And lets be honest like why not if u they can make some bons out of it? Their push for this union is evident, but there's a tangible concern among many of us that it could inadvertently exacerbate the existing divide between our seasoned guild members and the newest recruits who have only recently joined. This divide could become so significant that it might impede our ability to provide the necessary support and guidance to these newcomers, who are still navigating their way through our bless universe. *Why cant please just add one more senate or any other guy who is willing to share all the kitchen information in english as well so we can cook some responses aswell?
  12. I have to be honest, I'm a bit confused right now! My guild are helping with translations, but there are still some things that aren't coming out correctly when using translation tools. Can someone please provide an update on what's going on? Our guild has players from Lithuania, Greece, Poland, the USA, Vietnam, the Philippines, Latvia, and various country, so it's important to keep everyone in the loop. Please make sure to include a summary, and don't forget about our English-speaking audience.
  13. This evening, the Mu4Life guild had a discussion on this matter. Our guild is certainly not prepared to confront the Origin server due to a significant gap in item levels. However, the general sentiment among our status is one of indifference—there's an acceptance that our current position is unlikely to change, as we're continually playing catch-up. so what ever happens - happens! In the end GMs will be the one's who decide what benefits for business ! what ever happens happens !
  14. i dont understand what is going on ! but Mu4Life is ready to fight with whatever we have. ("sphinx set vs hades 4opt. less go") sastājās rindā lai pilns sitiens sanāk
  15. Well, this is getting funnier by the minute! I'm spending my free time having a good ol' laugh while reading these posts. You see, I'm all about the trash-talk, and i totaly back Enkss response.But here's the kicker – we've got rock-solid proof that Mood0 talks Latvian! And what's even more hilarious? The AVALON player base, who are inching closer to the big 3-0 or beyond, are still sprinting to the forum like it's a race to blackfriday SALE. Now, let's keep it light – our gang isn't toxic. Tune in during my streams, and you'll see we're all about cracking jokes and sharing some belly laughs with each other. And remember, when someone goes all out toxic, it's often because of the antics between the guy reporting and the guy reported. It's just that some guys simply don't care about random toxicity and don't bother making 13912371 screenshots 😄 So, Ill just eat my burger and prize all the guys who has the motiviation to make these topics. @pallachh99 better go to BA already and farm stop wasting time in forum! work let the KING chill
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