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  1. Irisu buffed BK which was in pt .. mood0 dont join party . Irisu run for kills so mood0 dont get them , why struggle buffing teammates who dont hesitate to join party? The only moment i see Irisu buffing Halux is when mood0 is teleporting around , which might be done by missclick, because mood0 is still not in party I know all this look really bad but mood0 puts in effort for it to be looked even worse ! Idk if not attacking enemy is coincidented with rule breaking , but buffing enemy is definetely not the case here 🙂 What about he fact that mood0 dont join party to give ms ? What about the fact that he dont join the party to receive BK Swell??? If we start looking at it that way it seems more clear 🙂
  2. You purposely dont go in in party go make such report? Elf kill SM , basically what he can like can see in video 😄 People go to this event to pvp or make achievment but you go there to make false report?? All that beside the fact that all server kill you on sight for all the afk killing .. which puts you target 1 any event .. your own fault bro.
  3. I vouch that this would be pretty nice in the late game phase , to drive the economy and keep up the market for lower tier items and boxes ! Also i would like to purpose to actually for bless to put these sets on market for higher prices, so it would be something like webshop , but not on generated items , but actually smelted sets by players . This would help seller to get lower but instant price for the set and new player could simply drop the donate and buy it at higher price . Bless gets the cut, gets the donate , and new players dont have to go through stuggling process of finding set and buying from someone , lets not even talk about getting someone lured into blackmarket ! So all together there are a lot of benefits let me try to point out few of them : It would drive the jewel prices and zen neccesity to actually upgrade these sets (more vip buyers for zen) . It would move the market , more sold items and at higher prices for low grade unnecessary items (bless get a cut from every item sold) . It would balance a lot of more aspects within the game all boxes would be picked up , and even items . (Violet box price would increase) For newbies to actually buy items and sets within safe environment (another chance for bless to burn some bonuses) New function and farmers to farm in new statisfying way . Get paid instantly! and it all for a cost for bless to actualy buy up these sets at instant ! cheers
  4. edzayo


    SM tend to run 29-30K agility on pet and 30200+ agility on fenrir . Those agility animations are faster than full . And look different. This duel kind of seems legit , but also there is no reason to cheat against 5 grades lower set :D 1v1 sm ... Also you can see him flinching a lot and not being able to land combos time by time :D nowhere near the video Saric provided. I think he is clean in the video you posted !
  5. 1. My character : edzayo2. Sever : Avalon3. Rule 84. NoobDW So guys, this may not seem like usual report , because this will be more of a overlooking at things that some unnamed admins missed or didnt want to see. So i have made a video where i explain everything as simple as i can for everyone to see this and admins to reinvestigate ! In the video i go over things like timing the flitch effect, talking with the condition met within the testing ping wise (both videos are made by same network, pc envronments) and trying to understand why its so different . Both videos for timing are used at 0.25 speed, filmed by same person, same network, same pc , also the attacker is same , but difference is that his pc was looked at, and the other video is nothing known about what software hes using. BUT NOTE ! Same pings on both persons in both videos ! We can not talk about desync or lag , because then its in both of these videos. Under the spoiler i will put the videos that were used for slowmotion investigating! CLEAN TESTING ENVIRONMENT VIDEO <- Press for video IMO-Saric REPORT VIDEO (UNKOWN ENVIRONMENT) <- Press for video If you have any more your own videos where NoobDW going on godtier , feel free to time his flitch with stopwatch and lets see if its any similair with the conditions that were made in testing yesterday! Have a nice day, sit back , relax and enjoy ! *For admins , please dont just simply close this topic, let some people join in with their videos with this method so we all can see. FAIR MU BLESS 🙌
  6. Everything you see on NoobDW screen is correct , everyone else in this server is desync and high ping.🙃 Strange that such cases dont exist during testing , the stutter pauses between hits while testing are much more extended than any provided videos in the recent topic. But to prove someone is cheating you need to make video, spend time to put it together and inspect it closely, make forum post, tell exactly whats wrong there , provide software , and even with all that provided there are more questions and replies about all the reasons why he would not be cheating , and be ready to know everything about mu , and to reply with proof otherwise any of your made out point will be blindly dissmissed or silenced or not understood rather than looking at the case itself , watching through provided videos and comparing the testing results to evidence themselves. Lets not even mention the fact you need to prepeare yourself with high degree speech and really good points to make , because admins dont see anything wrong , you need to shove that in their eyes.. but even then if you die during testing its simply “see , you died ! Case closed” ignoring any provided points and evidence 😇 And lets be honest , we are talking about the guy who has been cheated before ! Multiple times, multiple bans , which makes it so much easier to know where you made your mistakes in recent bans , improve in hiding and upgrading your hack 🫣 . It should be opposite after all the bans , every inspecting should be looked at with even more care , not like its now , desync , high ping , see you died , case closed . 😁
  7. https://failiem.lv/u/r4k9eb7yty ENJOY !
  8. Thanks for providing such nice examples of evidence , i can definetely agree that this SM is using something . I will add collection of videos once i get home but right now i would like to comment the situation . I have degree in computer science and i have big experience consideing MuOnline private server playing , making , administration . I can tell you for sure that no anticheat software will save you from cheating , it can be either bypassed or crypted in a way that it doesnt detect it , even reported cheat you can crypt and it will work again . No software will beat human knowledge and skill to see and evaluate what is legit and whats not , which is why always administrator aspect in games has always been the best choice to keep the game at fair levels. I find huge disrespect about the NoobDW and his guild mates , including GameMasters who dont see anything wrong with this on daily basis . The reports are much , but no true investigation besides logs is not happening . Its all left on the community , to spend money to actually prove that its possible to hack, make these posts , gather proofs , film everytime you attend event , and all this because of one player , while their guild mates including admins look at it blindly. And better than anyone @BeL4eNaK should know the best , which brings me to question , did you balance the PVP in a way that one SM can kill two guilds , machine gun combos , delete bks full vit etc. ? This SM is unlike any other SM in the server and its not becaus the gear or his rcently gained cyber sportsman god skills. We are all here in the one of the best servers because of the gameplay and balance you brought to private muonline . And all we want is to enjoy this game for the good old time sake in these new and different times. But only yesterday i felt it and enjoyed it in a long time for one event , KD at 20:30 Guard , IMOx and MU4Life came in with a beautiful score all being 200points apart from each other , why ? Because NoobDW didnt attend. Looking forward for administration to investigate this in further than a log checking , but actually realising whats balanced to be possible and whats not. And give all SM players explenation why this SM can do what he is doing . I cant wait for his to be dealt with properly so me and the rest of people in Avalon can finally enjoy and actually play what they paid for , spent their time for and feel the mu bless unique balance in a FAIR WAY . Thank you. edza
  9. Looks nice how with 50% damage decrement for events like cs he wrecks bk 1v1 and especially bk with guild master buff ^^ this just looks ridiculous ! his video he is also constantly alt tabing during gameplay , almost like toggling something . And i + with yseraa , its nonsense how his doing his combo its def macro .. either way either the balance is PURE DOGSHIT or hes using something … also how is it that everyday he is playing like pure noob but on sunday kd and cs hes suddenly full pro and can single handedly kill all guild . i would like to see full screen record not just mu window and also for full cs otherwise this proves nothing . also hes constantly sitting on bans and its no secret that zurkas had problem dealing with this bs aswell .
  10. Reload more like scamload such a shame that guy like this can play freely while making a lot of people look at this medieval game as toxic just because of this simple reason ! also such a shame that you can be such a cunt against people and lie freely whenever to whomever about whatever … wonder how the fuck you sleep .. aaah i remember , you dont , grind and scam all day long moron . now that i think about it , its not that big of a surprise how such rotten person can exist , its clear your life is a mess . bye scamload , you will not be welcome back (finger) on the side , maybe such hate is a bit random from me , but i can vouch that this is actually happening and is not a lie . He is not trustable and should be avoided at any cost. in case this came out bit harsh im sorry about this , but such doing is just unjustible and even words like this dont justify his wrongdoing. respect Beasty for putting this out , hopefully more people who has been affected put the message or atleast dm to admins about this .
  11. This hate is starting to get out of hand . I can vouch that this is not anymore healthy competition talks .. This is pure bullying and hate . I dont see reason to keep this going untill it reaches further verbal abusement, its just matter of time.
  12. edzayo

    -Homiez- Speed

    https://failiem.lv/u/gveyvxjs3 rageful blow on f6 + doing swell inbetween full agility
  13. edzayo

    -Homiez- Speed

    agility dont affect rageful blow
  14. edzayo

    -Homiez- Speed

    1. My nickname: edzayo2. Game server: Avalon3. Which rule clause was violated: 2.24. Nickname of the offender: https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-Homiez-&serv=server35. Proof: https://failiem.lv/u/3ugrcf8e6 I think there is pretty much evidence , i did walk out of the range and went back , i turned off optimisation multiple times . Also in the video you can see when he does swell and instant ragefulls again 😄 Sadly i didnt film it for the rest of the blood castle because right at the end of bc he turned it off and it reduced back to normal rageful blow speed .
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