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  1. edzayo

    Proposed merger

    Im also wondering about this . I simply recomend the thought process from administration to think for future , which XP they want for future servers so there are some diversity between xp when the new server launches. Also take notice which server has been more appealing to players , which stats , which xp etc. Im not sure about Jade stats , but in Avalon , the balance is quite nice , simply bks seem to be bit broken with these stats . So some hybrid would be nice , although it would need more balancing. Achievment wise , defenetely do some balancing , taking note that the jade is 6 month younger than Avalon so its fair for all.
  2. edzayo

    Proposed merger

    I have no idea whats happening in jade , but i know for sure that the CS the the worst among every server . This is no good for server , that 1 guild take the LOT freely for months , this will make the server unmergable with any. Its only 6months between Avalon and Jade opening, the only difference is that players in Avalon are and have been since the start motivated by competition, thats why you see much greater gear improvements etc . Jade will only suffer if new competition dont arrive . Faster the merge , the better chance to save the market and server itself.
  3. From the Vegas castle i quickly understood that these guys dont know how to play siege with 3 guilds . Ive been in a such situation before, long time ago in Avalon , i see this situation in Mega CS . 3 Guild Sieges need some kind of change . Defending side have a clear advantage as the 2 attacker guilds keep wiping each other while the defending guild can chill . If these 3 guild CS attenders would be aware how to play this cs the outcome wouldnt be so onesided . Im trying to not go in small details to not ruin anyones tactic , but if you understand , you know what im talking about . Also take note that its not just the situation when attackers keep clearing each other , they can also antistun the other attacker team , push them , etc. And btw i didnt see a single stun towards attackers anywhere but crown . Which is a clear sign that defenders dont know what theyre supposed to do. The tactic was simply bad for everyone but ZurkaS , the attacking guilds didnt clear defending guild to guarantee their seconds and potentional register , which would grant them 2nd , 3rd or even 1st place . ZurkaS did really good to guarantee that they are the only winners, and in my opinion they deserve every bit of the prize for such grind , investment and performance . In terms of this , then maybe in a successful defence increase prize by 50% ? On the other hand if there is new castle owner reduce the prize by 50% ? Otherwise its win win for afkers and lose lose for dominants , your most active players . Sorry for English in forum/ru
  4. - Turning off PvP in Crywolf Event - i would agree, making this event somewhat different of others would be quite fun . make it non pvp so we can see new strategies get implemented , people going full damage to get the last hit , people stomping with DL horse the sh*t out of boss etc . It would be quite fun to participate basically for Lasthit ! - Limiting the amount of Mu clients you can have open at one time - i dont know if its worth doing this though . ofcourse it degrades the thing you mentioned, but it also brings in players who like to play in such hard farmer mode , it raises the online counter . Only thing i would agree on , these bots usually use some kind of auto pick up or automatically returning to position . Declare war to these cheaters and it should be fine . - Remove Server announcements of Condor Beasts, Ice Devils/Lords/Kings, Relics of Kundun, Ancient Lord C - i would agree to this one . the ancient mobs would be better off having no announcement , but i think bless administration want people to get used to this new mobs thats why there is such announcemnt for first few months . after they should remove it ! Eurale , Relic is OK to have . But the rest would be better off having just killed announcement or none at all. Also this shard spawn and killed announcement might aswell be removed completely I dont know how such changes would be towards top guild statisfaction . It takes quite the job to actually be there with the whole team though , its not that simple as you think . Domination isnt easy , but some fun changes like crywolf event you mentioned would be pretty nice .
  5. dude chill at this point you should be able to understand speedhack will be visible any other hack will be visible in logs / detected by liveguard usual players can be easily flagged as macro if some kind of detection will be implemented introdocing antimacro will simply make many fake bans , and between them macro and nonmacro users will get unbanned , and banned and so on ... so what is it you want admins to do here ? how do you know he macro there ? maybe he is CyberMUElite Sportmen !? Prove me and everyone who is reading this topic that he macro there ! Im not defending anyone im just trying to point out things everyone should be aware of by now I would be more concerned about the fact that bk can kill peawang DL so fast perfect combo or not . i see 1 combo there + skill jump and exc set DL with 150k+ HP is dead (2combo with full SD) 😄 If auto macro detection will be introduced , next time yall be here crying "I GOT BANNED FOR MACRO AND I DIDNT MACRO BLABLABLA" because beleive me , it will happen !
  6. yes i forgot to mention to win with SM like that you need not just sd potions full inventory but also build a tent outside OVH buildings in france and beg them to drop the ethernet cable over the fence
  7. LOL NERF SM ???? What about the fact that BK can 1hit SM 😄 BK IS KING OF CC NO QUESTION ASKED . If you cant catch SM in teleport youre simply BAD thats it . Think of resources whats necessary for SM to actually win CC in proper fight . full inv with sd potion ?? On the other hand what does BK need? Set and max res ? 😄 this topic is a joke . Gear up your BK and the only way BK can lose is fall or blow up . Since nothing can kill him in CC The major thing that should be implemented is make the shadowmere / elite horse work in CC otherwise DLs have no chance . SMs teleport defenetely aint the problem 😄
  8. All players consume potions at the same rate because the server is responsible for potion consumption. It is no longer possible to speed up healing with additional presses of QWER or through macros. Manually using potions on QWER without F10 is now significantly slower than using Auto-Heal. Source : Macro or not its useless either way , and gives no advantage . 2.1. It is forbidden to use any macros or any kind of program for automation processes, which gives you bonuses, achievement points, and any other personal gain. So since aditionally pressing q w e r is actually worse than using f10 , there is no personal gain which makes the report invalid . Although @salaga you need to understand , that writing messages like 123123123 / qqqqq / qwqwqw , etc., can be flagged as macro , and in most scenarios can get you banned .
  9. I thought its about soccer event in stadium , but nah … no way youre purposing betting to be implemented xDD Go bet in betting sites and donate your winnings to mu bless . 🤓
  10. They were nice streams 😢 and i think majority of views came in after the CS , since most of the active players are participating !
  11. His items are slowly being auctioned off …. https://mu.bless.gs/index.php?page=market&auction=2738 Dude , only if u knew ^^ 🤪
  12. @Ivan Nebraska i have a feeling that the Seraph in Avalon auction is also the one stolen !!! @BeL4eNaK
  13. @BeL4eNaK BIG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With my experience of having servers i know how difficult this is ! U just took your time and skill to fix most major bug of MU Online private servers ! Yall are way ahead of all , proud of playing in most promising MU Online projects ! RESPECT
  14. edzayo


    lol , mood0 provocating again 😄 mood0 inviting him to varaklani , centr . that seems more like a threat to me ! and after discussion has ended he cant walk away , hes trying to provocate more wtf 😄 4.7 4.2 mood0
  15. 2 ichor , 1 imperial , 3 mayhem in avalon , i wouldnt say its ready for merge . prioritise keeping x1 , x10 , x50 , x100 , extreme as they all serve different gameplay experience open servers with idea to average on the loot time , for example - open x20 to merge with jade , open x70-80 to merge with avalon , open x200 - x500 to merge with mega . lower xp merges with higher ones , especially when these lower xp server had more difficult gameplay and less time to loot getting merged to more easy one and older one dont make sense for me. thats just my thought , so players investement dont go to waste put together a concept for merges so when doing so it dont raise the question , where to put what :)) good luck !
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