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  1. Web Bon Vegas vegas112 armengor4 qbacca_ svedor1223 https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=marketchars&id=198863&serv=server4&sort=&class=all&p=1 SM name versusALL on character market for 12 bonuses under password. First I give him password from SM and the he sends me 2k web bon no tax (1818+tax) to my account armengor4 -> -369-
  2. 0:05 - That moment when your GM pushes you off from switch to take it himself
  3. Hopefully sooner rather than later 👌
  4. Guild [10fps] x50 Avalon: Agreeing for Merge with any server as well, Although our Sieges are still active and interesting unlike Jade server, our Daily Events or fights for Bless Arena bosses are completely dead. Some of "top characters" lost even interest to log in to game due to lack of PvP activity and most of them are just waiting for Merge. @Ivan Nebraska @BeL4eNaK
  5. A можно фпс увеличить на 50%? 😅
  6. Sounds like: "Sorry Sir, we arrested you because you looked like someone else." Valid reason
  7. qBacca / Avalon A2, D6, C4, C7, F7, G3, H9, J10
  8. Noviy anti-cheat, kotoriy budet rabotat na vseh 99.9%
  9. Infa na noviy server kogda budet? Stati, reseti, etc.
  10. Anthony Hopkins Нет, осталось две попытки
  11. Big ➕ za eto. 👌 Poluchaetsa 12zen mozhet otdihad uzhe na etu nedelu a GGWP uzhe mozhet zavtro otdihat i afk zen farmit 😄 Dumayu ogranicheniye guilda baffa eto bred bilo b, esli est interes i vremya igrat togda igray.
  12. Sorry, nu ya neznayu kak makros rabotaet. Esli ti znaew good for you. Uvidel 2 3 4, zdelal temu, pust admini sami rewaet dalwe, kak i wto. P.S. 4.2 Nenado, vse ok.
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