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  1. But yet, you gave different bans to similar insults. And still you are not answering on why or how you concluded in this.
  2. Dear @cerebrum An hour ago you decided to review the report and concluded in one occassion to punish 4.1 the one side and 4.2 the other side. Can you please explain me what is the difference of calling someone <<A MOUSE x4times>> from replying to an ironic question of <<Who's barking? ( I replied the dog MangusG) My action and reply definetely deserves a punishment. But is completely unfair to be provoked for 2-3h and be called mouse more than 20 times a day! But yet you decided to punish me with 4.1 and let a bully to get away with 4.2. Nevertheless i am sure i wont find any right here. Your reply will just help a group of us to pack it up and move away from this toxicity you ADMINS are allowing.
  3. 1.My nickname: -HateMost-2.Game server: x30 Origin3.Which rule clause was violated: 4.1+ 4.2 4.Nickname of the offender: https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-OG-&serv=server4 5.Proof: Screenshot He repeatedly calling me mouse more than once Also calling someone as <<mouse>> is not different to calling him any other name from the animal kingdom such as <<dog>>
  4. So does the same rule apply for EVERYONE? Or just for CHILL guild???? This is how it seems to me.
  5. 1. I don’t think there is an insult based on what I read daily in the forums (Rus-Eng-VN) did I use any obscene language? 2. is not double post since I am not using same screenshots and same words. In the first comment I mention the rule. In the second comment I am replying to other person.
  6. 1. -AlexLion- Forum account. I would like to ask @Aliancer why my account in forum has been disabled. Also I have noticed that he repeatedly blocks the accounts of CHILL guild from x30 server whenever we defend or say our opinion against 12zen guild. I want an exact answer of the reason that he blocked me. It seems that administrators are favouring the opponent not only in Forum but also in game. Many times during events from Admins I have noticed that he won’t translate the quest for non Russian speakers so many people in the server will not attend them and the Bon/prizes will end up in specific Guild.
  7. -HateMost-

    4.19 & 4.18

    1. BladOzito 2. x30 Origin 3. 4.19 4.18 4. ava7anche https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=ava7anche&serv=server4 5.
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