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  1. BladOzito


    He has been returning by plane for four months. Will that be the fastest plane in the world? XD you should report to the pilot xD
  2. BladOzito


    try to use snipping tool of windows and cut the window and safe screenshot, remember to use impr screen to get screenshot infor on system chat.
  3. BladOzito


    xDDDDDD no 12zen? you have a problem, something new here?? no,,, all server knows advantaje on 12zen nothing new. Por lo menos no todos los 12zen estan en el ajo xD Lets see if someday this ends, because people will start installing software to work on pc now to excuse xD. Noone can compare with any 12zen ban because no same rules for all.!!!! And im not tired on repeat, since ava7anche on liveguard i never saw that char deleteing guilds alone again xD
  4. Как всегда чушь несешь, это репортаж, ты говоришь об осаде, когда ты выиграл только потому, что у тебя появился один из тех "визуальных жуков", которыми ты называешь себя, ты можешь плакать, называть себя богами или говорить что хочешь, ты выиграл из-за жук, он съедает мою душу. Пусть ты дружишь с кем бы ты ни был. Заслуга в том, что вы теперь никуда не годитесь, вас всего несколько человек, которые весь день здесь вместе, вы уже ничем не выделяетесь. Стыдно, что теперь ты играешь как обычная гильдия, ничем не выделяясь. Макросы в порядке и все такое, теперь с выпуском зелий ЭЭ умирают очень быстро, об этом мало что говорят, слава 12zen единственным, кто считает себя богами за то, что они есть и вкладывают в игру целый день столько, сколько могут . Глупо верить, что говорят о X30, когда мы были одной партией против многих из вас. Поверьте, боги, вы — эспадрильи
  5. Не все макросы запрещены, это зависит от того, кто банит и в чьей гильдии отчет.
  6. Swamp of Calmness = Swamp of Peace or new map?
  7. Then that is for all, not only for some players,,, same rules for all i think
  8. tipicall 12zen xD as i know can remape keys, they do a lot on potions, a lot of people do so this is a buff macro 12121212 then change to SD skill 3 and at the end "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" key to spam potion, it is a macro, if EE or what char is, still a macro and it is 2.1 for all players im sick of change rules on advantaje of certain players It is a ban, rules are there for all, just read and dont use external programs if you cant compete dont do it, then /post Buzzz noobs buzzz nanana buzzz bla bla bla, when u stop use macros i can see where are hands, U can see Ava7anche, until he got liveguard he clean 1 guild alone at combos hahahahha. And wket, ask your teammates, maybe where u live u cant, but u can remape keys and change with a 0.2/10 windows or linux knowledge. Stop justifying yourself and looking for excuses, it is what it is, whoever your friend is or whoever you hate. @R.A.S.K.A If you think that, someone should apologize to whizer, because that EE is using it to change abilities (I don't care if it combos or not) and to heal or spam some kind of potion. Whizer the same only for healing itself, it is less serious because of how you explain it. if you think that
  9. all i see is a buff macro, then change to SD skill and spam heal buttom nothing more to add. That is a macro and that is a ban, u can writte all you want. Excuses as always It is not combo macro, just buff 121212 and 3 to sd skill and zzzzzzzzzzzz to heal, maybe key remapped, that is a macro. Now all we know if you have f10 on and spam key on potion u will drink faster, all people macro that key is not my problem you need macros.
  10. 1. Opelllek 2. Mega (main) 3. Rule 2.1 4. https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=OutcasT&serv=server6 5.
  11. BladOzito


    is this your first merge? wait tomorrow and pray all night all is good xD
  12. And dont forget, crazy is the only guy who do nothing, always behind a guild, well played mrcrasy, noone want to play VS "Q" macros and elite potion every day, xD. Im happy you are top bless player and now all here now about it. When you win "/post noobs,,, bla bla bla you cant win bla bla bla you dont know about game" etc etc... When you lose "/post noobs, bla bla bla you cant win bla bla bla you dont know about game" etc etc ... xDDD Noone care you say noone can win 12zen, chill do it when have 3pt online xD. and siege you proffesional players also ... imperial DLs and macro SM.
  13. I didnt wrotte about merge any guild, merge 2 servers will result in 2 strong guilds, merge the 3 servers will result in 1 strong ally and 1 strong guild i dont know who are ggwp xD, 12zen dont need any help they are proplayers xDDD, imox also i dont know who are they, about chill is what it is, will continue same way, if any guy want to leave after merge can do it free no problem.
  14. you cant believe a lot of things you can do to ppl on safe zona at BA xD, i dont know what is the problem but is big. When u try to go out and enemy attack with ctrl also hits you desync xD Sometimes when i try go out BA im dead before i see my char out safe zone on my screen
  15. The biggest problem I see here is not the lack of players, it is simply that when a guild accesses the castle and has time and people who can afford to live on the PC (it is not a bad thing) a lot of difference is generated in the guild buff I think that changes the balance a lot in the pvp, I think you could look at other things such as the socket option, I don't know if it can be implemented in the current client but it would be interesting to change the pvp something and the builds can be customized more Merge X30 and X100 will result in 2 strong guilds, merge X30, X50, X100 will result in 1 strong ally and 1 strong guild, that is what is gonna happen 1v1 always, same pvp, in 2-3 months same problem again xD Im here 3 years and 3 merges and same problem always
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