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  1. As far as quests go, I could actually agree - so long as we're talking ranged enemies specifically. I've met many BKs in Icarus outright begging me to let them lasthit something, cause they couldn't compete or complete quests on auto-play. You've got a point there, sir. Another solution (for balance purposes) could be a custom skill that simply pulls all enemies within, let's say, 5 units of range towards the BK. It wouldn't be usable in PvP and would have a cooldown so as to prevent trolling. I'm not sure, however, if this mechanic even exists in MU... although BK weapon skills do exist, and they pull the BK toward the enemy, so maybe we could reverse that effect? I know it's a lot of work and dabbling, but it would satisfy many players. And such skill could later be used in boss design.
  2. I bet it's stronger, though, conserves your AG and can be further upgraded with Mastery skills. You have the option, a skill with decent range and 360° AoE effect, unlike e.g. elves who can only attack in a cone in one direction at a time. Don't be picky, just play the game as it was designed. You're already playing the strongest class in the game.
  3. Leave it as it is. There's already too many afkers with auto party off. Spots are being camped for days on end, making questing tiresome. The last thing we need is BKs having extra range, clearing spots on their own and not caring one bit to group with others. The way things are now, BKs are more than happy to party up. Also, if TS isn't enough for you, use Rageful Blow for extra range.
  4. sixpaths

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    Good idea. While at it, could we get the option to disable guild emblems on our arms? They look terrible and interfere with our sense of fashion.
  5. Could I get an estimate of how many games will be hosted / how long the event will take from start to finish? The earliest I could log on is 19:30, but I'd love to participate.
  6. As in the title. The gloves and boots will be paid for in bonuses on Jade server. Paying more for +luck or +11 Contact me here or in game (name: Ezeda). Cheers
  7. Still isn't working as it should. GTOP100 loads, accepts the vote, counts it, but the MU Bless site sometimes doesn't register it, so we can't get those 10 cash points, nor credit towards the achievement 😞 It worked for one of my accounts, didn't work for the other despite me using two different devices/connections. Seems to be a 50/50. UPDATE: It isn't just GTOP100 again. See below, and I tried many times over.
  8. Hmmm... the site itself is working just fine, though. It does register votes, but Bless doesn't. It happened with other sites a few days back, so I'm overall confused. Seems it's related to the Bless site, as it first occurred when Vegas launched. Or perhaps it's not properly set up by the devs (on GTOP100 we're now voting for Vegas instead of Jade).
  9. Issue still persisting. GTOP100 ain't working.
  10. Hi there. So for the past 3 days, give or take, I've been experiencing issues with voting. Pretty much every time one of the vote gates won't count for the prize (remains displayed as clickable), even though I did see the vote through. At first, I was unable to get the credit for TOPG and GTOP100, today every gate except the GTOP100 is working (also, that site seems to be a bit laggy lately). Just throwing this in here, in case it's somehow related to the new Vegas server and a possible site overload. Don't know, the losses are quickly adding up though... The issue must be server-side (either Bless or the vote sites), as I tried voting from different devices with different connections. Could y'all look into this, please?
  11. Thanks for the response. May I ask just for clarification? Found this in another old thread: "ELF/MUSE SPEED BUGTriple Shot0 - 508 > work509 - 549 > don't work550 and more > work" Is that still true? Will Triple Shot work at any speed over 550, including 800+?
  12. Will anything be done to compensate players for the upcoming attack speed nerf? Even double digits are a huge difference for e.g. elves, since they can't cover all angles and directions at once.
  13. Hi there. Let me preface this by pointing out I have donated quite a bit so far, so I understand the value of bonus points as well as what each point possibly translates to. I have perused over the reset chart for Jade and, while I realize stat points should be the primary focus of a reset, I can't say the bonus rewards (at least for the first dozen or so resets) are any incentive at all. 5 BP for weeks of non stop grind is, to be honest, laughable considering the pricing of items and services this server is boasting. I get 4 points for voting, daily. Put that into perspective. To me, the bonus rewards for resets seem like an afterthought at best. 5 BP translate to around 7 Jewels of Bless or less, which really is disappointing. Most item upgrade services reach 300+ points to cover. Put that into perspective as well. My suggestion would be either increase the amount of BP awarded, especially that you're claiming those rewards are there to stimulate the economy (seriously?), or change the reward to literally anything else. Anything else that has tangible value. That, or just remove the bonus rewards altogether. Cheers.
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