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  1. how long have you been playing here with borrowed items, you should have bonuses since you don't buy anything 😄
  2. i could also make fun of Crazy, I always reject and run away from whizer and I don't say that because it's none of my business it's very easy to talk about other 1v1s, because when someone looks for you to duel, you don't want to 😄,how many times did I tell you 1v1 for bons/pp and you never accepted? better not mess with other people, or in any case, since there is so much mockery that ALEX is a noob, why don't you do a 1v1 with your bk 🙂
  3. look, a random appeared who probably uses borrowed char and thinks he's a good player 😄
  4. tell your friend that OG deserves a rich ban and losing bonuses like with Freaky ban🤡
  5. If the word dog bothers you, then OG is also banned for saying mouse,both deserve a ban 🙂 the rules are for everyone 😄
  6. first you have to tell them that EE error and if they do nothing, report it, you here, you recorded and at the end of the video, you say bug 🤡 when aluf first wrote bug, elf moved, the complete opposite of what Freaky did, the abuse for many minutes that safe zone bug 🤡
  7. This is not a dmg bug, the switch was not necessary here, the pt chill could not hit it because it is in the safe zone buff Several times we wrote to them to move the elf because it was bug, isn't that abusing a bug? 🙂
  8. 1. HUGE 2.origin,main 3. 3.1 4. https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Freaky&serv=server4 5. The 2nd video does not have a date but it is just so you can see that he still does not move the ELF
  9. this reminds me of the CRAFT post, the sm couldn't use beam, in any case, the dl can't use fire Someone wrote that he had other abilities to attack, here it is the same with DL, he also has other abilities to attack 🤡
  10. xCefiro

    KD bug

    you should think before writing, with that, you imply that you receive help from the admin 🙂
  11. xCefiro

    KD bug

    it bothers me to know why only 12zen managed to enter when the event started but on the other hand chill/tribe could not enter this event, we were able to enter after 5 minutes, for an event like this, that is already too late to start this event point,too many bugs in favor of 12zen on this dumb server 🙂 i made several relogs and still couldn't enter the event, magically, it opened for the rest of the guild, after 5 minutes of seeing it start KD @BeL4eNaK
  12. xCefiro


    In the Cerberus post, no one was seen logging in again, only 2 different characters were seen but they are not seen trying to log in to see if the problem was yours/aluf o Cerberus had a bug 😄
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