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  1. After the update I don't know if it's my bad luck but I only got 1 soul by entering bc 1-3 maybe, again this bug in bc or as I said before, I just had bad luck 😀 PS: I spent a while in atlans 2 (spot great/sylver) and 0 chaos/jewels :))
  2. xCefiro


    @BeL4eNaK The days go by 0😁
  3. xCefiro


    I think the friend disappeared since he was added to LIVEGUARD 🤣 my bike goes faster than that plane
  4. xCefiro


    Ok dl but where 2.1 elf first macro that is forgiven, it turns out to be 12zen, hmmm strange and with a new rule that did not exist, now for not doing dmg🥱🥱
  5. xCefiro


    This is the same, recorded of a single person and a clean character, only the word visual bug, it is only for 12zen and the rest, ban 😜 different rules for some people or guild
  6. xCefiro


    what a good excuse, I'll use shit and say that I have work programs 😀 me hp clicker and macro ? 🤔 my account is clean of ban
  7. xCefiro


    -Cerberus- Ban 15:39 18.03.2024 Permanent I would like to know, what decision or if you investigated, what happened or give some explanation 😁,It's been almost a month and we don't know anything and I remembered that Mrper4k, something similar happened,the difference is that the issue of cerberus, it did not go through the forum 😂 The problem is that both Mrper4k and Cerberus were recorded from a single character, it is probably an error as they said in the comments of that post (mrper4k),You investigated and he was in vip afk, the Cerberus case, I don't know how much they found out, but his char was clean and supposedly a char of his IP that was a random DL without an item, had speed. If your character is clean, why not add him to LIVEGUARD in case you have any doubts? 🙂 MrP4rik, it is a separate case perhaps because it is a bug, but ava7anche used software but here it is still in liveguard, cerberus (speed char random XD) was directly banned only for 1 video of a char that could be just as bug as Mrper4k ava7anche Grand Master Cheating software 11.12.2023 10:24 https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=ava7anche&serv=server6 @BeL4eNaK @Ivan Nebraska give some people a chance and ban others, it doesn't make sense, ava7anche received a chance and cerberus was banned for a random char (no item) that supposedly had a speed hack
  8. xCefiro

    acc forum

    DONE,with email, I can log in 😄
  9. xCefiro


    the rules are for everyone, it doesn't matter if the macros/bug are useful or not for a BUFF char :))) in Whizer post, the admins said they wouldn't allow players to abuse bug and because of that, he received a ban 😀 why should it be different this time, just because it's EE? 😄
  10. xCefiro


    everyone inventing some excuse to justify this :DD when he is an enemy, everyone says macro or something nonsense but now that he is a member of 12zen, they look for some valid excuse 😂 KARMA KARMA KARMA
  11. xCefiro


    BUG visual now what will they say, he wrote the message on purpose? in any case, I said that everyone uses this shit and the only way to know is with the messages 😂
  12. the translator can be very deceptive with the VN language, the translator can tell you something but for them, it has another meaning, you should learn not to want to speak another language if you don't know it 😀
  13. you think everyone else doesn't use it and are fair players.There are many characters that are immortal for some reason and I don't think it's just because they burn HP REC potions quickly this is only talked about because that message from WHIZER appeared, otherwise everything would remain normal and no one would talk about this and it would continue to be used 😀 If the f10 doesn't work sometimes, then the option is to just stand there and die like idiots 😂 BK is the easiest and some people get scared when someone does 2 or 3 combos in a row,those who say 123 have no idea how to play bk like NEVERDIE
  14. ava7anche Grand Master Cheating software 11.12.2023 10:24 🤭
  15. now i see a problem in all this, any char in BA is able to return to the pt without even stopping when it receives a hit,what's the point of killing EE or killing bk to not buff, anyway, now they can come back fast without stopping when hit, At this moment it is impossible to block a character, it traverses all chars without problem 😀
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