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  1. Adding a reward for servers over 1 or 2 years like a castle seige coin per win to give more incentive. coins can be cashed in for example 20 coins = jewel to add 1% hp recovery to accessories. Max 3% so it doesn’t get out of hand X coins can buy cash points on new servers that open up to give incentive to play both x coins jewel to add luck 100% coin could make the item account bound maybe if thats a thing so guilds cant stack 1 person or non transferable iunno Etc etc.
  2. Are players on x50 really against? You guys risk having to wait a while for next merge if gms decide not to merge you guys with origin/mega. The server being new already doesn’t have such a high bonus turnover rate. Also lowest daily players online. I understand your items aren’t nearly as good yet but merge gives your x50 bons more buying power. if the server merges all and stays strong, Allows bless mu to potentially add more for endgame content. Players on x50 will potentially leave for new server also making server even less active. Just my opinion, I don’t play on the server but still hopeful for a 3 way
  3. I actually disagree. I would say it’s quite profitable for bless mu. As of now most guilds on dead servers don’t even need vip/powerbuff for the competition. But having so many other enemies, A purchase of Vip will make a huge difference. people moving to new servers will sell off bons=pp. the tax will slowly erase bons on server and eventually players will need to buy direct again. There will be battles for guild quests/battles to even make it into participation slots for castle seige. i’d say it adds a new Competitive element to the game. no server has had all guilds with endgame pvp items and still had these competitive early server elements to it. When new items added to lottery the only way to get will be to throw and not wait for a merge. The 20% increase when withdrawing bons adds the incentive to buy also
  4. Nothing about this game is profitable for me ever lmao. My “team” is scattered through all 3 of these servers. And 2 merge will bring plenty of my team together, no need for 3 but over the last 4 years of playing, the server always dies the same. ends up 2 power guilds competing. 1 guild loses a few players and cant compete cause there’s no active players on the server to fill the roster. And repeats. 3 way merge. Even if a guild loses members, there’s always plenty of people to replace. Events actually need to try much harder cause the chance for 4-6 guilds to get a chance at map in kd/fortress will be hard. Seige will be a whole new experience fighting so many experienced guilds in a small map. Lots of communication/coordination required. on streams it makes the game look intense. The market will become super active because players can finally finish all their sets/etc Those like me who love the game mechanics and play casually and just want good pvp will come to the server. those who enjoy the thrill of competing in new servers will always have their options
  5. Is it possible to merge x30, x50 and x100 at the same time to make the best endgame pvp server? I believe it would make a very active/fun/competitive server for a lot of the bless mu community. the activity of pvp on a server like this would also allow the server to introduce new pvp events. Thoughts? Bless Arena: This is a very frustrating place for a lot of people. Accidental bugs, team kill etc. 1.make a place behind safezone where damage isn’t possible but people can buff without having to constantly warp in/out to arkania to give buffs. I know a lot of players who enjoy the game but get frustrated with this and end up quitting or stop participating in BA battles. 2. Reduce team damage to 50%. With the madness with lots of players a lot of players argue with each other over accidental team kills. 3. Make ba points from bosses a %of damage done by the guild rather than whoever hits last.
  6. I believe it goes absorb>dd>defence
  7. @Ivan Nebraska hey Ivan. I sent message in discord. I agree to swapping back as long as there is no penalty to me. victorz05 is me (changed my forum name) discord I’m Jacee/HUGE thanks
  8. Hello, i’m owner of Berzloy. If he wants a refund it’s no problem to me. I agree to swap back
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