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  1. is there anything special about "switch character" option? i dont think so, but can use "exit game" instead. btw. double post 😄
  2. yea, logged in, i see barracks busy, i press switch character, nothing wrong with that. am i supposed to wait for u to kill me?
  3. make ba points count double (considering guild buff) next week. forgot to mention the cool part, which is, make them bosses drop better boxes
  4. but there was no reason to switch for him, he clearly knows how this bug works (for me, 1st time I came across it was cerberus case), its possible that he also knows how to force that bug.
  5. I was logged on Zil at the time, and here is my point of view. As soon as u said that his character is bugged, we stopped fightin you, and I wanted to check myself, so I even killed my teammates. Once we confirmed that was indeed the case, he switched and everything was fine. What these videos actually proof, is fact that character MangusT, abused "switch character" not to get killed, which is a violation of 3.1 rule.
  6. since when is 3 > 3? and if u rly wanna punish anyone for that, in any shape or form, please be more specific in rules section. Im not gonna bother makin same thing for Lalo ss, coz it wasn't even close to breakin that rule. Just to be clear, Im the owner of Lalo character, and it was me in both cases (Zil and Lalo screenshots).
  7. Unbelievable how low ure willing to go, just to improve your odds at CS. As you can see, I was posting msgs in a time interval (every few hundred points). Your own guild members call me bitch, ladyboy, etc. and I wouldn't even consider reporting coz Its a part of the game for me, and I put them in place anyway, not to mention It's you ppl who always start thrash talk (tryin to provoke others, and get them banned), but you do cross the line, not me. get some air buddy @craft In this time and age, some of you should just get cancelled.
  8. 1. origin 2. WaNsOn 3. conq wings +15+ignore 4. 2200 clean mega bon, 2200 clean web bon 5. NhonNhan 6. I get conq wings +15+ign traded on origin, and I transfer bons to acc: caobangso1 (1,7k web) kisslove69 (500web) tungda0x1 (2200 mega) 7. confirm
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