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  1. some people say euro and russian ruble dollar exchange rate equalized
  2. congratulations, you lost 1 real player and won 1 cheater
  3. It is ridiculous not to be banned because it was not spoken in the forum
  4. I'm sure the epiclord follows this topic with pleasure, he likes it. will continue to defraud other players tomorrow. You cannot ban him because the forum is not spoken. However, how true this situation is is controversial.Not being banned just because the forum is not discussed, although it is video evidence .. pretty tragicomic
  5. Like a joke, then let the epiclord keep scamming someone. understood
  6. There is a theft, he took the sword and removed the trade. You can more or less guess what was done. I'm not lying or slandering here. Whatever the case is, I told you, you also empathize, please.
  7. anlaşmayı oyun üzerinde yazılı sağladık videosunu çektim, şimdi bu adam bunları okuyup hosuna gidiyor. yazık gunah değil mi ? forumda anlasılmadı diye biri hırsızlık yaptığı zaman hırsızlık olmuyor mu :S
  8. @Ivan Nebraska , @Emp , @Artemy Shan please help sir.
  9. If you robbed the bank and the security cameras didn't film it. Does it mean that there was no theft?
  10. the rules have to be expanded, in situations like this, the players are offended by the server, and your explanation will give them power and they will like it. Even if you don't return the sword, serial ban players of this type, please.
  11. such events offend the players from the game. ok today he defrauded me, but what is he not going to cheat tomorrow? He is currently trading intensely, trading. tomorrow when he cheats someone like me. There is a web market on the server and you will say that we cannot interfere with them.
  12. kardesim, böyle ismi olur. önce knightbladeyi ver sonra siteden al dedi. verdim sitesi dekiyi hemen kaldırmış. yardımcı ol bana ya
  13. like a joke You are defending the rights of the players very well (!). I don't want the sword back, I want the thief and rogue player like the epiclord banned
  14. WhatsApp_Video_2020-10-20_at_17_37.25_(2).mp4
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