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  1. I see, none the less, it's bad implemented, if I have a whole set before this update I should be keeping it after, instead of giving me a random Apollo part, that kantata ring should be replaced by the kantata pendant.
  2. 1. Name of the character, account and the server, where loss have happened: Normal, Castle Siege, Sub1 or VIP. Char: JomSnom Account name: kuera normal server 2. The origin of things: purchased by you in the store on the site / bought not by you in the store on the site / obtained by game / other. Don't remember if I bought it or found it in game. 3. Date and time of loss (as accurately as possible, it will accelerate recovery process). Hard to tell, I was afk but I'm sure I had it before the last maintenance happened, so try today from 12:00 till now server hour. (19:20) 4. How items have disappeared. It didn't disappear but instead kantata ring of wind got exchanged for Apollo ring. (Already tried logging off and back on) 5. In detail about lost items: upgrade level, options, and exact place where they were before the loss. Kantata ring of wind 6. Was the Safety Mode activated? No 7. Did anybody have guest password? No I wanna say, I was the one that reported the same issue with the Broy pendant getting exchanged for Aruan. So the same happened here don't know how.
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