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  1. AGAİN BUG! 11.02.2021- 22:18 22 wawe Bug! 0 points again. Good system
  2. Today i joined 2 times ET but 2 times had bug.(43 Wawe first bug, 50 wawe second bug) No Monsters and not completed wawe. İ quit game and spawned in devias. Total 2 ET: 0 points.... The Missing: 1-Endless Tower Rewards very high (64K Point for condor too much) 2- There is little right to enter endless tower 2 times in 1 day 3-Drops inside the endless tower are too low (157 Wawe-Get Violet, 300+wawe get Violet) 4-There are too many bugs inside the Endless Tower My Request: 32K Points ideal for Condor or; it to be entered 4 times in 1 day I want fix for Endless Tower
  4. 1-x500 Server 2-hKNELF 3-i sell 464bonclean (+tax=538bon total) bon x500 4-will be getting 300 pp x500 5-CTR7 6-i will buy KbpIca(CTR7)'s Ligh Plate İtems 464 bon clean(+tax=538bons) and he will put 300pp on my x500 account: qualifff 7) I have fully read the rules of contractual deals and am aware of all the risks.
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