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  1. All Empire GUILD SHOULD BE BANNED, THEY ALL KNOW THAT THEY ARE DOING, AND STILL WAS BREAKING THE SERVER RULES! Admin Should ban all your account permanent for this ignorance of rules and disrespect for administration! So stop cry, this is the result of your actions! Vietnamies was offererd us 3th Wings to, but we sad no!
  2. Регламент сервера : Запрещена покупка и продажа чего-либо за реальные деньги и виртуальные денежные единицы, приравниваемые к реальным деньгам, а также любой вариант обмена и продажи персонажей за реальные деньги !
  3. Hi, @BeL4eNaK I have a question, do server rules olny apply on ppl ho cant/don`t won`t - donate to server? Becouse Guild Empire have breake the rules. they knew what they were doing , and they still intentionally violates the Server Rules. I think when it comes to reviewing this, you need look very strictly, and make good example for others what will happen if the server rules are not followed! So that's for Empire guild should be banned. All of them members, they did know when guild members was buying ingame items by real money! And they did not report! What they should do! And they do every server like this. So with respect and voice of all server players, We want play on this server, and want when server will live long! Please look this time with hard hand. Did it's not written in server Rules? 3.1. It is forbidden to use errors of the server (bugs). By error means any actions, that not provided by gameplay and aimed at personal benefits. Do its not written under Rule 3? Sale of anything for real money and virtual currencies, equated to real money, as well as any type of exchange and sale of the characters is forbidden. For violation of this rule, you will receive a warning or an instant block of accounts of buyer and seller. I apologize for the English language, whit respectful Empire server players!
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