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  1. Hi, Admin! I would like to report this abusive behavior and possible cheat by this character from Extreme server. He stays in the DARK ELF quest spot forever and PK everyone who go there but he is not getting PK status. Attached are screenshots for your perusal.
  2. Hello Admin! I just browse the other servers by logging on the website for every server. After the last server it gives me this error. Can you please release my account. Thank you!
  3. Awesome! Time zone differences has to be considered. If you can have 2 or 3 rabbit event in a day that would be wonderful!
  4. I agree! It feels like DL is being discriminated.
  5. Hi, Admin! I did not do any cheats or whatnot and you can check my character logs and items but I keep getting disconnected after I did my reset today and the error says I used a speed hack which is impossible, because I don't even know what that is. Please fix this ASAP! Thank you!
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