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  1. All items are +9 except Gaion Pendant and Muren Ring PM me here or in game: SmileJpeg Take All = 1kkk Zen
  2. Does the free Bons every 10th reset apply to every character you have under the same account or is it a one time thing to whoever reaches the 10th reset on one of your characters?
  3. Follow up question, is there a way to add a +4 opt on a chaos weapon? Cause on the guide it says +4 Chaos Weap +4 opt, so for example if I got a +4 Chaos Bow but no option, it is basically garbage correct?
  4. pumpking4

    Party Exp

    Hi there apologies for the delayed response. Thank you so much! You may now close this as well
  5. Wow that worked! Thanks a lot! You may now close this thread and mark it as resolved. Thanks again!
  6. Here you go: https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Ashura&serv=server3
  7. MG my friend, here's the ss of the weapon:
  8. I bought a Bloodreaver for my MG but I am unable to equip it, even though I met the stat requirement. I was wondering if there is a quest for it for me to equip it? Newbie here. Thank you!
  9. pumpking4

    Party Exp

    I see thanks!
  10. pumpking4

    Party Exp

    Hi everyone, How far can me and my party member be apart for us to still receive exp on mobs we kill? Can we be on the same map even from end to end? or only on the same screen? Does it count if I zoomed out? Thanks
  11. Ohh I see that makes sense yeah it went through now. Thanks a lot
  12. I follow guide but I can't seem to create a chaos weapon. I have a non-excel item +10 with +4 options and 1 jewel of chaos, it even says 62% chance but when I click "Combine" it doesn't go through
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