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  1. Okey i talked with Admins ! And i will just ignore this actions from your side -Reload- I wish you the best and I hope you will just enjoy the game and one day you will stop Talk big negativity's about other Guilds and players ! I Wish you the best take care!!! And be strong top player with Respect to Other players on servers !!!
  2. Yes i am agre to you!! there is nothing bad on this texts and we never talk bad about others we are friendly guild who respect all !!!! and you can see there -Reload- is just Provocation us to text something!
  3. Okey thanks for information! We hade recieved many many bad insults from -Relaod- in discord and in game chats for last 6 - 9 Months! i will contact you privately for now!
  4. Okey! Thanks... Also discord private mesages with very mean texts with threats about me and my guild also is in your cases to check here ?
  5. Hello All Here! Admins its posible for you to check everything what -Relaod- was texting in global chat for last 14 days ?
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