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  1. you have PVE stat..-> very strong dame , why I can live???? loll.. say me used Macro.. now I put video combo , say need see how to press HP and SD =))... Keep silent is good !!! 100% this is final comment for this topic !!!
  2. I trust your member in your country, now i think about your country have all people scam and loser ( loser -> cry and report ), DON'T MAKE ME THINK THAT !!! Ask Beasty and Kootiso how about me when I lose !!!
  3. lol. wait admin check =)) if I no get banner, you should delete account =)) chicken BK, I just play BK first time =)).. I see you in x100 =)) should Remember -Relog- in x100 =))
  4. just wait Admin check, I no need make video... dont cry bro.. you win you laugh, when you lose ,cry and report.. loll .. alway loser bro !!!
  5. today i just know topic.. why you cry bro.. I put money in here no need to cheat .. in Kingofring, I can't combo because you stay outside war, I need keep Ctrl +(123 ), but Ctrl+2 is quickly snap inmy computer, shoud I can't take 1 combo But Admin can check all, I alway with Liveguard
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