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  1. 1) Server x7772) Your nickname Veser3) What exactly are you buying/selling My character ELF 62res 191q with items4) What exactly are you getting from the other party (if you're the second party, then what you get from the first party) Naked SM 65 res 188q + Flame of Condor5) Nick of the second party (if you're the second party - your nick) PROF6) How the deal will be done (the second party should agree to this point and just write - agree) First i put my character on market with password without weapon,rings,pendant and weapon After PROF put his SM 65res 188q naked with password. He give me his password first i buy character, then i give him password to my character. After that in game we trade my weapon,rings,pendant and wings for flame of condor7) Confirmation, that you fully read the rules of contractual deals and are aware of the risks. The second person might not fulfill his part of a deal and you will lose everything. READ.
  2. + 1 res i farmish zen 4h posle reseta 25+res, polnaja shljapa
  3. Skrin bil zdelan kak nado, tolko on ne sahronilsja v vashei Mu papke, ja hz, zdelal ka uje smog Proveril, esli u tebya 2 okna otkrita on skrinshot sohronjajet tolko s 1 okna, v mojom sluchiji eto bilo AFK okno 🙂
  4. 1. My nickname: turbolehm2. Game server: Mega x1003. Which rule clause was violated: 4.14. Nickname of the offender: MyAnh5. Proof: screenshot
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