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  1. 1 : Jade x10 2 : dangtinh1 - Poseidon 3 : i sell 1 flame condor + 2 feather condor + 10 shar condor 4: i receive 2773 bonus web to dangtinh1 account 5 : thefate1 - BigBoy 6 : i give it to BigBoy : 1 flame of condor + 2 feather of condor + 10 shard of condor first , as soon as i receive all the items i just mentioned , immediately BigBoy transferred me 2773 bonus web to dangtinh1 account 7 : Confirmation, that you fully read the rules of contractual deals and are aware of the risks. The second person might not fulfill his part of a deal and you will lose everything.
  2. Part of the error was because I was busy at that time, so I was in a hurry, and I am a new player so I don't understand the contract rules, hope the admin will review and help me get the item back.
  3. i use account dangtinh1 sever x50 charracter Knight8x i was scammed by a player with account gyhan1122 , his character name is hanzZ445 sever x50 lost one flame condor + 2 feather condor Me and him agreed that I would sell him 1 flame condor and 2 feather condor for 1400 bon web. but after he got 1 flame condor and 2 feather condor , he didn't transfer bon web to me that's my purchase history, he bought them successfully and didn't transfer the web to me and the following is my entire conversation with him on discor
  4. scam , admin please helf me , I gave him flame condor and feather condor, but he didn't give me the web bonus
  5. hi admin mubless , i use my mubless game login account is dangtinh1 , discor account is BonBon . I sell 2 feather condor to the person whose login account mu bless game is franco54 , his discor account is named Franco for 800 bon web to my account . I will give him my 2 feather condor first then he will give me the web bon. i would like to ask admin to confirm our transaction , thank you very much , have a nice day admin
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