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  1. 1) Sever: Jade 2) My ingame : Smell 3) What exactly are you selling: 50 boxes pink chocolate 4) What exactly are you getting from the other party (if you're the second party, then what you get from the first party) 5000 PP to my zgames account : nhatri2023 5) Nick of the buyer : NordOst 6) How the deal will be done (the second party should agree to this point and just write - agree): I will give him 50 box and he tranfer 5000 PP to my zgames account. 7) Confirmation, that you fully read the rules of contractual deals and are aware of the risks. The second person might not fulfill his part of a deal and you will lose everything.
  2. I suggest Kanturu Domination in evening : - Reward boxes : less than the night now is ok - Reward buff guild : dont have, pls think about add reward buff guild for whose guild cant join the event in the night, of course less than the main event in the night, like 1st : 500 , 2nd : 300 ..etc... And whose 1st cant go main event in the night !
  3. I think this solution will make fair more than was before. I really appreciate it.
  4. And he exit the game, and next time he will go everytime. I think its not a reason you make this event, maybe you have take a look for this case.
  5. My opinion is to still let the king of the ring event take place. But remove exp from kill and death. Only keep the reward for the winner. You can only win 1 time per day / 1 character. There will no longer be a bug exp field that creates an unfair gap.
  6. Its event have a bug need to fix Name player : FortiS Class : MG https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=FortiS&serv=server1 He join an event " King of the ring " and kill a lot of player to gain exp, he get score 4000-5000 points. And when event still only 10 seconds to end, he exit the game, and he didnt become top 1 in that event. So he can join everytime event, make exp, and exit at near the end of event. That not fair, rules is who top 1 event in a day, cant join event again. Pls check this case for fair all player in server.
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