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  1. Hi team Thanks for answer The guess of the liveguard team is completely wrong sadly xD I need to create 20 accounts before CPU becomes an issue xDD the good news is that it fixed itself somehow O.O
  2. Hello! No, I am sorry, but not. If it happens again I will try to screenshot it, but for the time it pops up I could read that it has made a detection, and future cheating will result in a ban xD Don't you guys have logs from your side to check it?
  3. Hello, The Liveguard is closing my Mu windows, and saying it has detected something. Not sure what it is detecting, because in my 20 years of playing this game I have never cheated once. It happened to both my characters, and one of them is just farming gold... IN ATLANS :D:D:D:D Char name - L9Devil Char name - SW99 Server - Jade x10 Please check on the situation, because I am pretty ultra mega confident that I am not a cheater. Further context : I have only Windows Defender as antivirus, and the only thing that I am doing while playing the game is watching YouTube videos...
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