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Banned without the reason x100

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On 8/22/2019 at 1:20 PM, Arturs Vesna said:



Enter as one of 10 Bless Universe citizens to engage the forces of Kundun as they spawn in front of you in a endless barrage of attacks. Either alone or in a team only the strongest will survive the Devils Square.

How to gain entry to Devil Square:


Only 10 characters are allowed into the Devils Square at one time, and they need the correct level of Devils Invitation to go inside. The Devils Invitation is made from combining the Devils Eye and the Devils Key with a chaos jewel in the Chaos Machine. Also you can buy a ticket in Cash Shop.


The Devil Square is separated into Level Restrictions: Level of Devil Square Level Restrictions (-20 LVL for MG and DL)




You can find DS entery in Devias (coorinates 229 099) :


The rules and conditions of winning:


  • Up to 10 players can be participating in the event.
  • The warp command can be used after entering Devil Square.
  • When the character gets killed in Devil Square he will be warped back to Devias.
  • PK is not possible in Devil Square.
  • Event duration - 20 minutes


When started, 200 monsters will instantly spawn throughout the arena. If a monster is killed, another will spawn to keep the monster count at 200. Monsters will continue to spawn over 15 minutes. As the time progresses, the monsters which spawn will change and their difficulty will slightly increase.



Depending on your score which is based on how many monsters you kill your character will gain a large experience bonus and zen reward.


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And what exactly i said wrong? Was it that I offended his mother or that I called him whore? If for example I would only call him whore, without mentioning his mom, would it be OK? Because he in fact acted like a tinny little whore.


And thought that i came up before sleep. If you don't want to be called a little whore then why act like one? Hope this words of wisdom help you see things more clear. Greetings

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