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  1. Wow craft you dont waste any moment, you are very dedicated to ban anyone who is stronger then you, for that try to change your elfs for something with dmg Maybe then you will stop to report everyone is better then you. Seriously 90% of the reports is craft When will ou punish him for false reports? H
  2. I suggest to add to the rules punishment of a consistent provocation..this guy craft is hassling from multiple players as he confess..killing, hunting rudulphs ks say provoking words nonstop And when some one is answer to this boy the boy again run to the teacher as he learned it works well and what then? I dont remmber 12zen members got ban for open guilds fuck buzz fuck ggwp.. Somehow only wolf get ban because the boy is winning Is that normall that 70-80% of the prison posts was made by craft? Is it only a coincidence? To craft- nobody is "lazy" but people have some self dignity, we dont cry over something we caused by our hands.. There is a rule of creating a bad environment if im not mistaken.. And clearly craft is creating one
  3. My ingame name: -Cannawiz Since in mega major part of the game now if the pvp events i would like to up to discussion the possibility to wider the range between events. Make then more at server night time at least one event for those who never can attend such as vietnamese and myself. As primary suggest i would recommend kanturu night to be later in 2-6 hours. Or as alternative add new event for the night. At this point of the game where most acticity is pvp i think we need at least one(can be more)during night otherwise there is not much to do.
  4. And also dont forget to mention they already open guilds with names - fuckggwp. And fuckbuzz. Evro endlessy throwing bosses in vip Provoking seems to be a way of life,like a kids provoking until eventually you kick them and then they cry to the teacher What a kindergarten stunts
  5. First of all i would like to say the merge is very nice server is alot more alive and due to that the are few little things i would like to offer for improvement. 1.More ET rooms. It is hard enugh to find 5 chars committed to play add to it the fact you need to find time between the very few space exist to enter. 2.Server is almost at full capacitiy, there is almost no place to train, it would be nice to have 2 server. Also now it the second most active server, kind of make sense. 3. All the non pvp maps are full with dozens of chars/bot some of them not even farming zen just staying there..i think its worth to cheak what it is, looka like 1 person with an army of farmers or bot or lol very strange. 4. The amount of pvp now is insane its basiclly full pvp server, might be good idea to make events places incloude ba larger, that will give possibility for several guild compete.
  6. Well, since this subject is here i would have to ask, if its merely a small token, how else player should achive bonus then? It is only giving for reset and even in smaller amount for achievements. But it is the major coin in game and without selling items in exchange of other people donations there are almost no bonus to have. Character full reset cant even upgrade 1 item into +14 with achieved bonuses.. Basiclly you say pay2win period.
  7. Ive watched it again So easy to understand the mg killed you isnt lalo.. GL
  8. I understand, the goal of your game is to ban everyone until you remaind to plwy without rivals?
  9. He aint even attack you, do you try to manipulate and create circumstances to ban someone?
  10. Here again patron the victim cry
  11. funny patron have recored of everyone cursing him. Try to trick everyone after he got ban for same violetion
  12. carmeli23


    As a continue to all other complain the guy is like to curse nonstop so for that for sure you can block him and it is the second time he is violet rule 3.1, 4.2
  13. carmeli23


    As i explained before, he is keeping dl at arkania aand teleport to clear pk, or just switch to other server to be telported to arkania, back to s1 and keep goes. He also do it with several users.( RacingBoy, -Dreamers- and 19qesoi or some thing like that) using elf Lillia and a dl only for teleport name teletele Everyone kills once in a while it is a game, but he is making it only possible if you pay..or winning a private spot in event.
  14. carmeli23


    He is not killing bots, if he does he would have done it once a day or twice, he can kill everyone in 4-5 different maps, 20 times in an hour. And posting that there will no afk
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