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  1. 1) Server : King2) Tulen3) 500 Bon WEB to my game account4) BUY ITEM 720Bon and 2kkk by trade5) Suffering6) I agree
  2. I want to trade 2 flame = mg 3 rd wing Text me here or discord redf0x#4705
  3. This set have 8%dd option from harmony I want to sell it for bon pp Or trade mg/dk 1 hand sword X100 king Mail me in game Mauzer Or leave cmt here
  4. 1. MaryKoks / DL / 90rs https://mu.bless.gs/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=MaryKoks&serv=server1 2. Nam/ age : 28 3. I live In Viet Nam 4. I've been playing MU since 2003 until now 5. i have microphone / Discord is redf0x#4705 6. i just buy this char so i guess no ^^ 7. i want to know more about this server and community , and especially the guild is the 2nd home of every gamer 8. Yes i have
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