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Found 212 results

  1. As stated in the picture it was a future release and drop mistake. So it mean's its not the players fault if they got the item buy buying or finding it on game? I've spent bon and jewel of luck to buy that sword and upgraded it just to be deleted without compensation? Isn't that unfair? Im opening this thread because my other post got deleted for no reason.
  2. 1) King x100 2) xNishee 3) I'm buying 2k clean bons (KING) 4) I'm getting 2k clean bons from WMid after buying my item 5) WMid WMid | Information | Bless MU Online 6) WMid will buy my item worth 2k clean bons and after buying my item i will send 1kpp to his zgames account. 7) I have fully read the rules of contractual deals and am aware of all the risks.
  3. 1) King x100 2) Supern0vA 3) I'm selling Mantle+13+L+Ignor 4)I'm getting 2200pp on my zGames acc yura071990 5) BigToy https://mu.bless.gs/ru/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=BigToy&serv=server1 6) BigToy transferring 2200pp on my zGames acc yura071990 and then i'll give him a password for mantle +13+L+Ignor on web shop to buy for 1k Zen 7) I have fully read the rules of contractual deals and am aware of all the risks.
  4. Hi, i suggest we make this phoenix shield like an event for example weekend event for few hours?
  5. Sell: https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-ENIGMA-&serv=server1 = PP
  6. Sell: https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-ENIGMA-&serv=server1 Offer PP.
  7. 1. King 2. MGBeLen3 3. i sell 456clean bon king 4. will be getting 230 pp on zgames 5. Doberman 6. i transfer 456clean bons to warum and he will put 230pp on my zgames account: miguels06
  8. TRADE BETWEEN MiyagiWife and -VanCian- I ( MiyagiWife ) will trade 1000 clean bon to -VanCian- on x100. He -VanCian- will purchase one items on x500 for 700 clean bon. When trade gonna realise we will write below DONE
  9. Hey guys wish to sell my ELF 101R 240Q with full items (including Blue fenrir) Wind set+13+L+dd+rate/ref+hp+hdd8% Air lyn bow+FO+13+harmony Fire pendant+12+rate+sped+hp rec Fire ring +12+dd+rate Ice ring +12+dd+rate 2LV wings+13+ign+sped Price is 3K PP or 3.2 Web bon Text DM if you are interested LINK : https://mu.bless.gs/ru/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=MiyagiWife&serv=server1
  10. S> BM WINGS +L+ATACK RET +20ADD+9 BON X100
  11. S<<< SRT8 (280quest. 186 achive) Dragon set +15 dd ref hp (gloves ref dd) +8hdd Wings of Storm +15 return Demon Night Edge +13 FO , Bronze \ Infernal shields+13 FO Fire pend +edr 10%, 2%, lvl20, speed Fire \ Ice rings +ref dd Продаётся бк вместе с аккаунтом + емэйл (Sell char+acc+e-mail) =pp / bon offers pm me or discord: MinistryOfSound#9283
  12. -Kung-Fu-


    Buy Demon+4 Wings of Conqueror+15= Play Point Your price PM
  13. S>Glorious Set+11-12+L+DD+RATE+HDD S>Shaned Dark Steel Set+13+Luck+28 (Helm+11) S>Imperial Scepter+13+5opt+SD (NO id2%) S>Ring Of Magic +DD+RATE S>Golden Shield+13+L+DD+RATE+HDD8% S>Royal Protector+11+Luck+DD+HDD S>ELF 53R 141Q+Iris Set+11-13+L+DD (Market : MajinBuu ) Any offers - PM HERE OR DISCORD: Karleon#0484
  15. 1. My Nickname: sama- 2. Game Server: King 3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.6 / 4.2 4. Nickname of offender: ForGiveN wishing bladozito's family to get covid is unethical i think. not sure what rule it applies tho
  16. S/T dragonbone blade 15 full 6op= MG/DK weapon or PP Msg here or Discord: SaltyKNG#1037
  17. Уважаемый BeL4eNaK, скажите мне пожалуйста почему до сих пор СД банки не стакаются? Сделали элитки по 50 штук - быть может сделаете и СД? Поймите уже, нету место в инвентаре на СД!
  18. 1) King x100 2) Familiar 3) I'm buying 370 bon web for 750 clean bon server King 4) xKylisee 5) He will send 370 bon web to the account - borroo, I'll send to him 750 clean bon king.
  19. 1) King x100 2) xNishee 3) I'm buying bk 3rd wing for 2.2kpp 4) 400kg5) I will send 2.2pp to him and he will trade me the bk wing Photo attached in bottom:
  20. Shadowmere Wings of Conqueror+15+L+Ignore Royal scepter+15+FULL(6 options)+PVP Royal Protector+15+ALL+PVP Pendant of Fire+15+2%+RATE+LVL20+1% HP recovery Ring of Fire+15+DD+REF Ring of Ice+12+DD+HP Glorious Helm+15+L+DD+REF+HDD 8% Glorious Armor+L+DD+Mana+HDD 8% Glorious Gloves+L+DD+Mana+Zen+HDD 8% Glorious Pants+L+DD+HP+Zen+Rate+HDD 8% Glorious Boots+L+DD+REF+HP+Mana+HDD 8% PM here or discord: Imbalance * Jeka *#9598
  21. 1) King x100 2) xNishee 3) I'm buying 1750 bons 4) -Nor4ik- 5) I will send 700pp to him and he will send me 1750 bons
  22. 1) King x100 2) xNishee 3) I'm buying his 3rd wing (BK) 4) top2dk5) I will send 1.3k pp to him and he will trade me the bk 3rd wing + L + 12
  23. 1) King x1002) -ENIGMA-3) Selling 400 bon web Empire x5004) 1170 bonuses clean King x1005) 0minaruj/Punisher6) I transfer to 0minaruj 400PP from my zgames account to his Empire account then 0minaruj transfers me 1170 bonuses King.
  24. T>>>>. https://mu.bless.gs/ru/index.php?page=marketchars&id=109920&serv=server1&sort=&class=all&p=1 this elf = 1 feather of condor .
  25. 1) King x1002) -ENIGMA-3) Selling Black Fenrir4) 500PP + 800 bonuses clean.5) PENTARINA6) PENTARINA logs into my zgames account and buys 500 PlayPoints. After I change password and put Black Fenrir on market for 800 clean bonuses.
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