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Found 227 results

  1. Около недели назад или больше, точнее не помню мне выпало кольцо оф мэджик +реф (толи с маной, толи без.). Я положил его в банк на первую страницу, с мыслью его потом кинуть на крафт и забыл о нем. Вчера листая банк я навелся на кольцо и увидел что оно стало non exc и без опций. У администрации хотелось бы узнать каким волшебным образом это произошло или я дурак? Ибо мне кажется я не настолько пока балбес чтобы в банк положить non exc кольцо, а кольцо с рефом я найти не могу. Просьба разобраться.
  3. Собственно на картинке выше видим кучу нового оружия. Однако в игре почему-то этого оружия особо не видать КРОМЕ Obsidian Blade которых как г-на за баней нападало. Да все это оружие есть в нескольких экземплярах и оно реально падает. Но почему обсидианов просто куча, а остального по сравнению с ним просто мизер??? Тут больше интересен ответ админов. В идеале даже статистика сколько выпало какого оружия на х100 все таки ID уникальный как никак присутствует у нас. П.С. Не нужно писать коменты в стиле, а у меня есть то или это. И так понятно данное оружие падает. Но я вижу какой то перекос в сторону одной пухи. Ну и скрин как вишенка. Остального в продаже нет даже в 1 экз.
  5. S> Scale set on x100. Scale Helm +L+13+DD+REF+28 Scale Armor +L+15+DD+REF+28 Scale Gloves +L+15+DD+REF+28 Scale Pants +L+13+DD+REF+28 Scale Boots +L+13+DD+REF+HP+28
  6. Trade BK +inventory to another character +similar inventory. Character: Artushqua
  7. raf How to craft or where to get this sword? I don't see it on lottery.
  8. S>>>Shadowmere x100 PP Disc. BigBang#8752
  9. Hi due to server time difference on different countries especially on SEA how about we have 2 white rabbit invasions so people from SEA can join this event? Because the event is always held on midnight in SEA countries so it's really not possible to join this event. What do you guys think?
  10. S>>DL 101 Res, 275 Quest - https://mu.bless.gs/ru/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=iZnoGouD&serv=server1 - SOLD S>>Account 175 Achi+Mail as a gift (Endless Tower points: 27508) - SOLD Elite Horse - SOLD PVP Excellent Imeprial Scepter+13+FO (-speed) - SOLD PVP Excellent Tower Shield+12+FO (-zen) - SOLD Mantle of Monarch+11+L+ignore+crit+7% hp recovery - SOLD Excellent Pendant of Fire+12+rate+2%+speed+3% hp recovery - SOLD Excellent Ring of Fire+12+FO (-Max HP4%)+2% hp recovery - SOLD Excellent Ring of Ice+12+dd+ref+1% hp recovery - SOLD Sunlight Set - SOLD Excellent Sunlight Helm+13+L+dd+ref+hp+8% hdd Excellent Sunlight Armor+13+L+dd+8% hdd Excellent Sunlight Gloves+13+L+dd+hp+mana+rate+8% hdd Excellent Sunlight Pants+13+L+dd+ref+mana+8% hdd Excellent Sunlight Boots+13+L+dd+hp+8% hdd S>>Elf 96 Res, 211 Quest - https://mu.bless.gs/ru/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Shkura&serv=server1 Hellion Excellent Great Reign Crossbow+13+FO (-lvl/20) Excellent Bolt+12+rate+2%+speed Wings of Illusion+11+L+ignore+3% hp recovery - SOLD Excellent Pendant of Ability+rate+2%+speed+mana+10% AG - SOLD Excellent Pendant of Fire+12+rate+lvl/20+1% hp recovery - SOLD Excellent Ring of Fire+12+dd+hp+2% hp recovery - SOLD Excellent Ring of Ice+12+dd+3% hp recovery - SOLD Talia Iris Set Talia Iris Helm+11+L+8% hdd Talia Iris Armor+11+L+8% hdd Talia Iris Pants+11+L+8% hdd Excellent Iris Gloves+11+L+dd+ref+hp+8% hdd Excellent Iris Boots+11+L+dd+ref+hp+8% hdd S>>DW 93 Res, 169 Quest - https://mu.bless.gs/ru/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Blink&serv=server1 Red Fenrir - SOLD Wild Staff of Destruction+9 Wild Ring of Magic+15% Max Mana Wings of Soul+11+L+ignore Excellent Pendant of Ice+2%+1% hp recovery - SOLD Sphinx Set Excellent Sphinx Helm+13+L+dd+hp+mana+8% hdd Excellent Sphinx Armor+13+L+dd+hp+mana+8% hdd Excellent Sphinx Gloves+13+L+dd+ref+mana+8% hdd Excellent Sphinx Pants+13+L+dd+ref+hp+mana+8% hdd Excellent Sphinx Boots+13+L+dd+hp+mana+8% hdd PM me offer orDiscord: iZnoGouD#1655
  11. x1xpystt1x


    T>>570 clear bon x100 = bon x500 for me
  12. 1) King x1002) xNishee3) 700pp 4) getting 1300cleanbon + ring of magic +12+dd+ref 5) Theekz6) He will buy my item in market worth 1300 clean and put ring with pass then i will send 700pp to his zgames account. 7) Agree with risk.
  13. 1) King Server (x100) 2)in game name = Katsuu 3) Im buying ebony blade +13+pvp 4)Im going to send him 900pp to his zgames account 5). Seller name -PG13- / CoffeLover 6). He will post ebony on market for zen with password then i will send 900pp to his account. 7). I have fully read the rules of contractual deals and am aware of all the risks.
  14. MG 101 Res, Full quest, 195 Achievments 4th Wings of Conqurer +15+L+Double Demon Mayhem Set +15+Ratio Mayhem Gloves +13+HDD 8% Mayhem Boots +13+HDD 8% Exc. Destroy Set +13+DD+HP+HDD 8% Ring of Fire +15+DD+HP Ring of Fire +15+DD+REF Ring of Ice +15+DD+REF Pendant of Fire +15+EDR+2%+LIFE/8 Phantom Shield +13+ALL+HDD 8% Ebony Blade +15+ALL+PVP LIGHTBRINGER +15+ALL+PVP (can be crafted into Heavens Divider)
  15. I just killed great dragon on crywolf and it didn't drop anything, is the drop not 100%? Time 14:38 Killed at crywolf map Server:King IGN: xNishee
  16. As stated in the picture it was a future release and drop mistake. So it mean's its not the players fault if they got the item buy buying or finding it on game? I've spent bon and jewel of luck to buy that sword and upgraded it just to be deleted without compensation? Isn't that unfair? Im opening this thread because my other post got deleted for no reason.
  17. 1) King x100 2) xNishee 3) I'm buying 2k clean bons (KING) 4) I'm getting 2k clean bons from WMid after buying my item 5) WMid WMid | Information | Bless MU Online 6) WMid will buy my item worth 2k clean bons and after buying my item i will send 1kpp to his zgames account. 7) I have fully read the rules of contractual deals and am aware of all the risks.
  18. 1) King x100 2) Supern0vA 3) I'm selling Mantle+13+L+Ignor 4)I'm getting 2200pp on my zGames acc yura071990 5) BigToy https://mu.bless.gs/ru/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=BigToy&serv=server1 6) BigToy transferring 2200pp on my zGames acc yura071990 and then i'll give him a password for mantle +13+L+Ignor on web shop to buy for 1k Zen 7) I have fully read the rules of contractual deals and am aware of all the risks.
  19. Hi, i suggest we make this phoenix shield like an event for example weekend event for few hours?
  20. Sell: https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-ENIGMA-&serv=server1 = PP
  21. Sell: https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-ENIGMA-&serv=server1 Offer PP.
  22. 1. King 2. MGBeLen3 3. i sell 456clean bon king 4. will be getting 230 pp on zgames 5. Doberman 6. i transfer 456clean bons to warum and he will put 230pp on my zgames account: miguels06
  23. TRADE BETWEEN MiyagiWife and -VanCian- I ( MiyagiWife ) will trade 1000 clean bon to -VanCian- on x100. He -VanCian- will purchase one items on x500 for 700 clean bon. When trade gonna realise we will write below DONE
  24. Hey guys wish to sell my ELF 101R 240Q with full items (including Blue fenrir) Wind set+13+L+dd+rate/ref+hp+hdd8% Air lyn bow+FO+13+harmony Fire pendant+12+rate+sped+hp rec Fire ring +12+dd+rate Ice ring +12+dd+rate 2LV wings+13+ign+sped Price is 3K PP or 3.2 Web bon Text DM if you are interested LINK : https://mu.bless.gs/ru/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=MiyagiWife&serv=server1
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