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Found 238 results

  1. Sell: Shadowmere = 4000 PP 8200 bons = 4100 PP Server: King x100
  2. 1. My nickname: Ariaa-2. Game server: King3. What clause of the rules is violated: 4.124. Nickname of the violator: Babie121 | Information | Bless MU Online5. Proof:(7) 4.12 - YouTube
  3. iwanther17


    Since there's a lot of new items how about a promotion sale on lotteries? using PP!
  4. I'm trying to join guild but it keeps saying guild is full we even kicked 3members and it keeps saying guild is full, pls fix! Server:KING
  5. raf How to craft or where to get this sword? I don't see it on lottery.
  6. soot103

    Unreasonable Ban

    Hi administrators ! I realize that some people are racist against Vietnamese people, They intentionally arrange and fabricate excuses and statements that are meant to offend other people's dignity and denounce Vietnamese people (of course, accusations their report is not convincing enough). 1. Nicknames: zSecurity 2. Game server: KING x100 I have a complaint and got banned 3 accounts. Even though I'm not the one locked up and have nothing to do with the incident. But I feel there is no fairness and absurdity here. https://forum.bless.gs/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F61410-king-x100-rosieclazy-babygg-acprodl02-41-42-43-46%2F&fbclid=IwAR2P30ljjh0BA9shWlCBH_-rNOrd41UpOCQUpzRIQ5Chi4UtGkJ9TUfiHiE In this topic, SuperONE try to using google to translate Vietnamese to English, but he try to use the bad word with the mean to insult the other one like himself. Three example on the chat in game is : 1> "dit con me may", he try to translate to " địt con mẹ mày ". But the truth is " dịt còn mê mày " ( see the picture or translate by yourself) 2> " con cho du ma may " he try to translate to " con chó đụ má mày" . but the truth is " còn chờ dụ mà mày " 3> " dit me may, may de tao biet may o ngoai " he try to translate to " địt mẹ mày, mày để tao biết mày ở ngoài" . But the truth is " dịt mê mày, mày để tao biết mày con ở ngoài " Actually, I do not know why they are get banned with some normal conversation? I've been trying to stick with you for a long time. This is actually one of my top favorite games. so I always want to be fair and transparent in judging someone. and I have a lot of confidence in the admin team. P/s: Why do I say he's a racist? If he wants to translate into another language, understand exactly what it means, don't try to distort and slander our language. Thank you so much. Please unban them.
  7. 1) King2) xNishee3) 2.9kpp4) I'll get 7.8kbon (clean) king server5) -MohaX-6) I will send 2.9pp to his zgames: snakemagik then i will receive 7.8kbon clean from donpatron account on web by purchasing my item on web worth 7.8kbon. 7) Confirm & Understand the risk.
  8. S>>Dl 281 qwest + 2k stats S>>Royal Septer +13+all+pvp S>>Dark steel set +13+dd+hp+8hdd = 450 bon T>>Shadowmere = demon B>>Spirit items dd+mana+x+x hass - Andrey#4037 discord
  9. katsuu


    Hi, seems the x100 & x500 players are getting down, how about we merge this 2 server? What do you guys think?
  10. hello community and manager mu online React + 7eleven a high-level player, unreasonably expressing insults to others being a big member of x100, the top guild broke the rules, help us review
  11. Админы сколько можно вам писать в Личку ? что бы посчитали и сказали суму !!!!!! по поводу взлома асс !!!!
  12. PP or Server Bonuses PM Discord Sparrow #5472
  13. 1. Autumn- 2. King x100 3. 2.2 / 3.1 4. Saric/Bundz 5. Public Video: 2 Videos Perspective: (27) King / Saric Bundz / 3.1 / 2.2 - YouTube
  14. Около недели назад или больше, точнее не помню мне выпало кольцо оф мэджик +реф (толи с маной, толи без.). Я положил его в банк на первую страницу, с мыслью его потом кинуть на крафт и забыл о нем. Вчера листая банк я навелся на кольцо и увидел что оно стало non exc и без опций. У администрации хотелось бы узнать каким волшебным образом это произошло или я дурак? Ибо мне кажется я не настолько пока балбес чтобы в банк положить non exc кольцо, а кольцо с рефом я найти не могу. Просьба разобраться.
  16. Собственно на картинке выше видим кучу нового оружия. Однако в игре почему-то этого оружия особо не видать КРОМЕ Obsidian Blade которых как г-на за баней нападало. Да все это оружие есть в нескольких экземплярах и оно реально падает. Но почему обсидианов просто куча, а остального по сравнению с ним просто мизер??? Тут больше интересен ответ админов. В идеале даже статистика сколько выпало какого оружия на х100 все таки ID уникальный как никак присутствует у нас. П.С. Не нужно писать коменты в стиле, а у меня есть то или это. И так понятно данное оружие падает. Но я вижу какой то перекос в сторону одной пухи. Ну и скрин как вишенка. Остального в продаже нет даже в 1 экз.
  18. S> Scale set on x100. Scale Helm +L+13+DD+REF+28 Scale Armor +L+15+DD+REF+28 Scale Gloves +L+15+DD+REF+28 Scale Pants +L+13+DD+REF+28 Scale Boots +L+13+DD+REF+HP+28
  19. Trade BK +inventory to another character +similar inventory. Character: Artushqua
  20. S>>>Shadowmere x100 PP Disc. BigBang#8752
  21. Hi due to server time difference on different countries especially on SEA how about we have 2 white rabbit invasions so people from SEA can join this event? Because the event is always held on midnight in SEA countries so it's really not possible to join this event. What do you guys think?
  22. S>>DL 101 Res, 275 Quest - https://mu.bless.gs/ru/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=iZnoGouD&serv=server1 - SOLD S>>Account 175 Achi+Mail as a gift (Endless Tower points: 27508) - SOLD Elite Horse - SOLD PVP Excellent Imeprial Scepter+13+FO (-speed) - SOLD PVP Excellent Tower Shield+12+FO (-zen) - SOLD Mantle of Monarch+11+L+ignore+crit+7% hp recovery - SOLD Excellent Pendant of Fire+12+rate+2%+speed+3% hp recovery - SOLD Excellent Ring of Fire+12+FO (-Max HP4%)+2% hp recovery - SOLD Excellent Ring of Ice+12+dd+ref+1% hp recovery - SOLD Sunlight Set - SOLD Excellent Sunlight Helm+13+L+dd+ref+hp+8% hdd Excellent Sunlight Armor+13+L+dd+8% hdd Excellent Sunlight Gloves+13+L+dd+hp+mana+rate+8% hdd Excellent Sunlight Pants+13+L+dd+ref+mana+8% hdd Excellent Sunlight Boots+13+L+dd+hp+8% hdd S>>Elf 96 Res, 211 Quest - https://mu.bless.gs/ru/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Shkura&serv=server1 Hellion Excellent Great Reign Crossbow+13+FO (-lvl/20) Excellent Bolt+12+rate+2%+speed Wings of Illusion+11+L+ignore+3% hp recovery - SOLD Excellent Pendant of Ability+rate+2%+speed+mana+10% AG - SOLD Excellent Pendant of Fire+12+rate+lvl/20+1% hp recovery - SOLD Excellent Ring of Fire+12+dd+hp+2% hp recovery - SOLD Excellent Ring of Ice+12+dd+3% hp recovery - SOLD Talia Iris Set Talia Iris Helm+11+L+8% hdd Talia Iris Armor+11+L+8% hdd Talia Iris Pants+11+L+8% hdd Excellent Iris Gloves+11+L+dd+ref+hp+8% hdd Excellent Iris Boots+11+L+dd+ref+hp+8% hdd S>>DW 93 Res, 169 Quest - https://mu.bless.gs/ru/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Blink&serv=server1 Red Fenrir - SOLD Wild Staff of Destruction+9 Wild Ring of Magic+15% Max Mana Wings of Soul+11+L+ignore Excellent Pendant of Ice+2%+1% hp recovery - SOLD Sphinx Set Excellent Sphinx Helm+13+L+dd+hp+mana+8% hdd Excellent Sphinx Armor+13+L+dd+hp+mana+8% hdd Excellent Sphinx Gloves+13+L+dd+ref+mana+8% hdd Excellent Sphinx Pants+13+L+dd+ref+hp+mana+8% hdd Excellent Sphinx Boots+13+L+dd+hp+mana+8% hdd PM me offer orDiscord: iZnoGouD#1655
  23. x1xpystt1x


    T>>570 clear bon x100 = bon x500 for me
  24. 1) King x1002) xNishee3) 700pp 4) getting 1300cleanbon + ring of magic +12+dd+ref 5) Theekz6) He will buy my item in market worth 1300 clean and put ring with pass then i will send 700pp to his zgames account. 7) Agree with risk.
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