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  1. Hi Admin, There is some my account in x100: huongga94 kidman87 kstork jaypro89 4.26. Farming of game resources from 7 or more accounts simultaneously per beneficiary is prohibited. Note: Considering that it is common for players to have several accounts with twinks for farming, we are highlighting 5 additional accounts in addition to the main account. This rule was created as a measure to fight with farms. Note 2: The ban is applied by the principle of checking accounts for transferring gained resources to 1 main account. Punishment: From a warning to a permanent block of all accounts. Can some admins explain to me : 1. Where is my 6,7 accounts ? 2. All account still have TOP character set +15, pet, wing ( It look like a farmer ? ) 3. What resources I got farm from your server ? In 6 years play this Mu, I even never afk for zen. 4. Which is clone account and which is the main account, and which account transferring gained resources to main account? My account born to PVP 4,5 years. And now I got busy few months, you guys try to banned because that is farmer ? Who is farmer here ? I never ever farm 10 bon in your server. @Ivan Nebraska@BeL4eNaK
  2. Idk how admin can hire this streamer )) " there were no MU4Life at all during the siege" for what ?? when Mu4life is not one of 3 attackers ? Can you speak Latvian or Spain during the siege ?
  3. Hi Admin, I am owner of Pyccak, RainBow, Cry-Baby, Atula. Yesterday I received a notification that my account was locked from my friends. To be honest I haven't been online for 2 weeks. As far as I know, my account was locked because it had the same IP as another account using hacking. Nearly a month ago, I was quite busy with work, I couldn't get online and asked a Vietnamese person to help me get online (I still saved the message to hire someone to support my account online.). Looks like he used hacking for his account. I swear to God that my account does not use any software at all. Can you check again? @Ivan Nebraska
  4. Are you handless ?
  5. Learn how to play BK before cry in forum🤣🤣
  6. If my friend use the macro .. I easy to pay to bail out my account .. But why I have to argue here if that is macro ?
  7. Let I tell you something .. 1> Macro will be a sequence of letter like 1,2,3. But it have to form like a make sense combo for any class. Example here for BK, it wil be 12341234 or 123123. 2> If someone using macro and accident to type and want to talk to other .. The screen with display like 1he23llo1wor2l3d. The readable string mix with sequence of button. But as you see here, have no any meaning and readable string. And no one macro like this button 31212341232. It is no sense. If admin can check, the sequence of Macro will show the same times to press all key. It look like 1->2 (87ms), 2->3(120ms), 3->1 (10ms). and the number of 87ms, 120ms, 10ms always has the same in a few minute.
  8. You even do not know what is different between combo by hand and macro ))
  9. Do you agree that, if we check that moment, we can easy to see I used macro or not?
  10. As an admin, you did not look at the problem fairly. I just want to check my history before deciding, which I think is not difficult for administrators. But you always want to block my account because you are a 10fps player? @Ivan Nebraska@BeL4eNaK
  11. any possible to check before decision ?
  12. Hi, Admin Before to make a decision for this case .. I hope you can can spend few minutes to check that moment. My brother playing my account while carry his baby. Suddenly, the baby jump in the keyboard to make them mess up. In the normal player, if you use macro, no one do like 31212341232. Hope you can check before make decision.. please !
  13. Can I ask a question ?? Now .. . From the admin release the "Support section and Report Cheater". Should we use that section to report or post to the forum? @BeL4eNaK@Ivan Nebraska
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