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  1. Ngoài lệnh /quest, lệnh nào sẽ trực tiếp hoàn thành nhiệm vụ? Lệnh trả nhiệm vụ mà không cần phải đến gặp NPC master là gì? Tôi đã dành quá nhiều thời gian để gặp các NPC, thật lãng phí thời gian
  2. please help me unlock I didn't do anything wrong bc ingredients that I have worked hard to get You guys have blocked my 3 accounts without any basis, due to your guessing and irrational thinking I asked the problem on facebook ivan 6 7 days ago, so far I have only received a response, and asked me to go to the feedback forum. Please check these 3 accounts for me, I don't copy bc at all, those things were all picked up by me while fighting monsters. this is my account id: vuongvic9 vuongvic13 vuongvit3
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