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    1. My nickname: Kaido2. Game server: Dues3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.6/insult the country4. Nickname of offender: Dire
  2. ngu, đứng im 1 chỗ là oẳng 4.9. In Team Deathmatch event it is prohibited to be inactive, as well as dishonest ways to get points are forbidden. (giveaway, agreements, playing in 2 game windows, etc.)Penalty: Block of Account for a period of 7 days.Note: Inactivity is classified when your character stays at the same place for more than 30 seconds. When recording a video, this point must be clearly visible.
  3. 1. My nickname: -Kaido- 2. Game server: Origin x30 3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.9 4. Nickname of offender: makelove
  4. how to calculate set bonus points?
  5. Inbox me on discord -Kaido-#4375 please
  6. admin asked me, which ones do you need back? and he disappeared
  7. Tên nhân vật, tài khoản và máy chủ, nơi xảy ra mất mát: Thường, Cuộc vây hãm lâu đài hoặc VIP. Character name: Kaido Account: theluc5555 server Origin, lorencia 2. The origin of things: purchased by me in the store on the site and from my friend and obtained by game 3. Date and time of loss: 00:20 - 00:30 date 04/11/2021 4. My account is online and someone kicked me out and login to my account and trade item. Item on virtual vault sold for character: MerceDes, CheVrolet, DLboss 5. In details about lost items: anubis set mix enis pant, enis boot +9(armor +13) - 2rd wings of soul +13 luck ign 28op - azure staff fo +12 on character jewel, exc dark soul boot +13, 2rd wings of darkness +0 luck mana hp ingame vault feather of condor - exc staff of resurrection +12 fo - ring of magic 10%mana dd rate 6.Safe mode is disabled Thanks and help me!
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