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  1. embarrassing that you don't want to help the newbies players even on forum. Pm me in game: Mniszka nick, i will tell u where ww respown, its easy to kill 5-7 per day.
  2. kiffdaniel

    devias bug

    close the luncher and restart the computer
  3. And where is specification about respown bosses from BA or vip BA ?????
  4. any green box, pink from /gift? or just shit?
  5. very big luck too, i used 1k lottery, and just 3 items. Lot is lot unfortunatly
  6. anyway on other serv Phobos i won even i have 10 ticket, had same Luck like chillwagon. Jealousy is a trait of the weak peoples.
  7. hi had Luck, nothing more for me. I used 1000 lottery ticked, and just get 3 item fo and i dont cry. Lottery is lottery.
  8. kiffdaniel

    donat delay

    Hello, about 9 pm serv time i donated for 110 E. Money left from my acount, but bons didint came. Help please
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