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  1. 116bon when i bought it and i used 70bon for jewel of luck to put luck on it. Account: iwanther17 Server:King
  2. As stated in the picture it was a future release and drop mistake. So it mean's its not the players fault if they got the item buy buying or finding it on game? I've spent bon and jewel of luck to buy that sword and upgraded it just to be deleted without compensation? Isn't that unfair? Im opening this thread because my other post got deleted for no reason.
  3. Already did that i extracted and paste the patch on my bless mu folder and its still nothing.
  4. New mg sword is bug it's invisible.
  5. Just got frustrated buying so much lotteries and all i got is jewels not a single buff item/cashpoint or exc.
  6. 250+ lottery tickets no buffs and no excellent is this for real? What are the odds of getting buffs/cashpoints/excellents?
  7. Bank card combine is 100% success rate Hahahaha
  8. 1) King x100 2) xNishee 3) I'm buying 2k clean bons (KING) 4) I'm getting 2k clean bons from -Gordex- 5) -Gordex- 6) -Gordex- will buy my item worth 2k clean bons and after buying my item i will send 1kpp to his zgames account. 7) I have fully read the rules of contractual deals and am aware of all the risks.
  9. I love to improved this idea, i love valley of loren back in the days.
  10. Done transaction went smoothly.
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