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  1. I think twink quest need to be 50+ then it will start counting.
  2. iwanther17

    Wrong acc name

    Just contact admin they will help you.
  3. xNishee/ King A1-A2-A3-B3-B4-C4-C5-D5-D6-E6-F4 Monsters in Cages: E3 B2
  4. Its available on king server one guy has this sword.
  5. Thanks that our voices are being heard.
  6. Because we do have called "Responsibilities" unlike you.
  7. Hi due to server time difference on different countries especially on SEA how about we have 2 white rabbit invasions so people from SEA can join this event? Because the event is always held on midnight in SEA countries so it's really not possible to join this event. What do you guys think?
  8. not asking for freebies im asking for chances/percentage if those options exist.
  9. What are the chances of getting 3opt dark scale? like DD REF HP? Been tracking the crafting since the released date and i haven't seen a single one with that option.
  10. 1) King x1002) xNishee3) 2500pp 4) getting W4 +13+L Conqueror Crit 4%/Phy+1005) StasDL6) He will trade the item w4 to me then after receiving the item i will send 2500pp to his zgames using donationlink. 7) Accept the risk.
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