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  1. Hello,I have an idea for bless mu endgame, after 31rr and 400lvl to unlock lvling to 1000lvl with changed stats/lvl same 0.3x as on 31rr, add additional questmaster where u get a lot of exp but not too fancy of a reward to not make a massive gap in loot from other people. Make another map or maps vailable for people over 400lvl figure something even more how to make it more interesting to make it to 1000 so there would be more to do in this game and people would stay longer there and spend more money :D ( even because of lvl we would get more dmg which would make us stronger then people who has just 400lvl and options like dmg/lvl would work there really nice to make it even more stronger and more convincing to go for 1000lvl and 31rr).
  2. Is this percent is same for Jade 10X server, becouse in chaos machine it shows totally different percent and too big gap from +13 to +14 , on +13 its 70 and +14 its 35, like wtf. And with LUCK
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