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    Hello! Recently i am having issue with Disconnect. It happens mostly only in VIP arena. Cant even play properly! I leave my guy in the spot and after few mins i got that reconnecting on the screen! Problem is after it connect back after few seconds i am not hitting any mobs anymore! And you leave overnight, wake up in the morning and got only 2lvl and 10kk zen. Seriously? Never happened before, only past 3-4 days, every single night. I Have a good laptop and good internet connection. Any help appreciate! Thanks.
  2. In this case, could you make Golden invasion NOT to spawn in the castle??? Most of the +2 and +3 are always inside the castle.
  3. goodra


    1. My nickname: Goodman2. Game server: Vegas3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.2 i think4. Nickname of the offender: Gengar5. Proof:
  4. goodra


    Hi! Any idea why all of my screenshots are like this ?? Thanks
  5. Hello! I got RQUEST to kill 165 Orc Archer in Devil Square! I've been in DS 2 times since quest and it's not counting my task! Yes i am on server 1! Still nothing! DEUS x100 server Thanks
  6. goodra

    Chaos machine

    06.05.2022 01:24 This is the time when i bought new staff after chaos machine failed my one! So i guess roughly 00:00-01:20 it happened! Sorry about that, different time zone Thank you!
  7. goodra

    Chaos machine

    YESS, same thing happened to me! Something is not quite right! And also120kk Isn't a bit too much lol?
  8. goodra

    Chaos machine

    No it was yesterday, after i burnt that i bought another one from market for 117 bonus. Actually it could be todays date, as i have 2 hour difference in time zone the one which is on my character is the one i bought after i burnt my staff (if it helps)
  9. goodra

    Chaos machine

    Account: goodra server deus1000x time was around 6:00-8:00pm server time i guess or even later probably, sorry can’t remember exact time
  10. goodra

    Chaos machine

    Hello. Yesterday i tried to make my staff +10 in chaos machine Exc Chaos staff+9+luck+28add For some reason (I don’t know if it’s even possible) it showed as 100% Combination success rate, but it failed. Is it bug or what? How can it fail on 100%?? thank you
  11. 1. My nickname: browneye2. Game server: Deus Sub23. Which rule clause was violated: 4.24. Nickname of offender: (making a link on the character, as it is shown in the example) for example: HaPkoTuK5. Proof: (screenshot or video)
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