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  1. Hi admin MU bless My ID: minhhl12 Name in game: XaCuTaoRa Avalon x50 On 7/8/2023 I was banded for suspicion of using a hack, I am posting this post so that admin can review this confusion due to visual error from the player's side. Please help me unlock the conditions so that I can continue to play the game with my passion. Thank you.
  2. Hi admin Mu Bless I am Venus, sever x50, I've been following this player for a while and found him using teleport hacks (video attached) and combo hacks (no video) Hope admin Mu Bless can watch the video I provide and make his decision. If necessary I will provide more videos to prove it Thank you. 1.I am Venus2. server: AVALON X503. rule: 84. Nickname: IS-PiuPiu 5. Proof: (screenshot or video) : 3971816084551305625.mp4
  3. My account has been processed, please help me close this post. Thank you.
  4. My account has been processed, please help me close this post. Thank you.
  5. takuma


    You can join vip and train, no one can do anything for you.
  6. Hi, I'm -Berluti- here, don't you think the server would be happier when someone PK constantly? You know, it's a bit of a waste of time with this and it's not fun to get yelled at, but I still do it just because I want the server to be more fun. I don't use hacks, cheats and if the game was free to PK I did exactly what I got. If I have broken the rules of the game please let me know what rules I broke and maybe this is my first violation, hope to get a response.
  7. help me please !So far, I have not received any notification
  8. My account was locked after an update for unknown reasons My character is ShopMini often stand at noria, I just only buy and resell items,Jewels... and was blocked after the update, hope admin can help me. ID: takuma Sever: Origin (x30) Thanks
  9. My account was locked after yesterday's update My ID is takuma , ShopMini character or wholesaler in noria , was locked yesterday after update but other accounts are still normal . I don't know if it's an update error, hope admin can review and help my account. Thanks.
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