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  1. legatas

    Vigral cc nedalji box

    chitat umeish??? u failed xD vot i nedal moj zakrit topik
  2. legatas

    Lost Item

    can i get answer when back my wep
  3. legatas

    Lost Item

    Here even support exist or only just 1 time per month looks to problems?
  4. try reinstal MU mb have corupt or anti virus delete some file i had same issue
  5. pacan prost xotel prodat za real i zakinul na 12zen i razvili che tyt neponiatno imu samamu ban nado dat
  6. anti-Cheat not working in server thats why get error just remove marks on anti cheat and enjoy
  7. legatas

    Lost Item

    up so strange that 0 support at all
  8. legatas

    Lost Item

    1. Char: Garenn Account: mano1990 Server: Avalon Main Place: Arkania NPC: Jerridon Harmony removal 2. obtained by game 3. 2023.06.22 18:25:10 server time 4. After not able remove to inventor client closes automatic 5. Screen Shot in moment of lag 6. NO 7. NO
  9. legatas


    u can`t sell char with 1 class(30 Days) make 2 class and delay only 3 days
  10. xD first look how u all whrite then make report for others
  11. legatas

    DL Refreshing

    все люди имеют право играть в том же состоянии, что и другие, и не для вас обсуждать, как они играют, они имеют право выбирать, и они имеют право играть с комфортом, не быть зависимыми от гильдии или донаторов. так что не нужно говорить только о гильдии или партии есть много людей, которые играют в дуэте или соло, и они имеют право быть на балансе, сервер работает много лет, и все время я вижу только для других класса изменений время чтобы сделать Dark Lord более играбельным
  12. legatas

    DL Refreshing

    stop talk for peapol who not donate and not able to get all max count base of all not donator side BTW more absorb not mean that will be imba it means that low Def will be balanced wtf u talk
  13. legatas

    DL Refreshing

    let`s be realists DL here are Donator Char without donate chance to be in late game good low if u don`t have good donate or 24/7 in game BK yes Aggre hard but i have BK and i would say he can do much more than DL with low Boost. Let`s say pick one class from other they can get easy items ,weps,wings and they can use Fenrirs for more stats or Hellion, Seraphim DL have only mix Horse with absorb(Yes there are Elite Horse but that think can get only who donate Millions) and Cape DMG so he can`t get extra power or deffence like other ( DL have weakes Def in all class and less Choise on items) if like they get cape so they can use same fenrirs for extra deffence or dmg now it`s like from accent age class witch have to be balanced
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