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  1. i think he hit you 4x bypass 🤣, my elf also dies like shit from mg/sm (1 hit 10k+/-) with hdd set divine + w3 😄 from what i know, he have ancient set, maybe posible, maybe not (im just comeniting that my elf die 1 shot)😄
  2. 1. Duplina 2. chmo1902 3. 10 4. +
  3. Kazhdij raz posle cc (on sidel v cc5) mojno bilo videt' kak on perekidvaet vse shmotki ot drakgolda v banku svoju (helion, puwski, set)
  4. Spasibo, ponjatno teper.
  5. 1. GauVN2. Avalon3. 2.24. -dOuBleT-5. BK s 3rd wingax + full hdd dragon set +13 +L+DD+xx +8%hdd, tak bistro ubit' bk nevazmojno
  6. Very disrespectfull... not funny
  7. what if i dont turn off stream ever? cus my pc on 24/7
  8. ti snimi ot str pointi i postav na energy libo otdevai svoi mg kak ne bomjaru, mg bjet toje samoe damag kak sm (po4ti) ti prosto dunduk.
  9. will sm still need to give 20+ kombo for bk to kill it?
  10. This is great but can you explain how does it check for the macro? does it check server side logs like you send on "macros" topics, or are they built in client, because if they are YOUR logs like it was on fourm topcis, it will be false bans or it will not detect macros. Check Beasty's report for "macros" where Mr. Calculator used calculator, calculated and 5 timings were identical for 5 combos or something like that even tho he didn't use macros so that means Beasty now would get auto ban?
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